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#13,3rd Main Road, 560032, Karnataka, India
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Course Content:

Describe a Cisco video over IP network in different customer scenarios using the concepts and components of a Cisco Unified Videoconferencing solution.

* Identify different video over IP scenarios and characterize the Cisco supported video supported components.
* Describe video communication features and identify customer feature requirements.
* Compare different characteristics of video calls and will identify transcoding requirements and list the ports used in IP video communication.
* Describe the purpose, structure and definition of H.323 IP video components and examine a H.323 IP video call flow.
* Define complex H.323 IP video environment operations, including zones, service prefixes, call admission control and gatekeeper redundancy.
* Describe H.323 video conference call flow operation and H.323 MCU integration in a H.323 network.
* Describe basic SCCP video communication, identify the components involved in a Cisco Unified CallManager video call, and describe a basic, and conference video call flow.
* Describe different video over IP networking scenarios, their interworking options and issues and select appropriate Cisco video over IP solution for customer's scenarios.
* Size and select the appropriate Cisco IP Video component to fit customer requirements.
* Select the appropriate protocol and hardware to cover customer's feature requirements.

Determine the appropriate design for integrating the Cisco Unified Videoconferencing solutions in different video over IP networking environments.

* Describe supported video implementation for different network scenarios from different H.323 and Cisco Unified CallManager deployment models.
* Plan and design video conferencing and associated dial plans in different Cisco supported environments.
* Design H.320 integration, H.320 gateway redundancy, and dial plan for H.320 integration for different Cisco supported scenarios.
* Determine the supported features, identify interworking restrictions and design dial plan for Cisco Unified CallManager and H.323 interworking.
* Design call admission control for H.323, Cisco Unified CallManager and interworking scenarios.
* Design campus and WAN QoS for IP Video Communication.

Implement and configure H.323 video and Cisco Unified CallManager video telephony in Cisco supported scenarios.

* Gather information about an H.323 IP video environment, configure H.323 gatekeeper registration for video enabled H.323 terminal, and configure CAC on the H.323 gatekeeper.
* Enable CCM for video deployment; configure, verify and troubleshoot bandwidth management and implement the Cisco VTA solution.
* Configure H.323 gatekeeper for IP video conferencing, configure, verify and troubleshoot a dial plan for the integration and configure, verify, and troubleshoot an H.323 IP-IP for WAN scenarios.
* Configure, verify and troubleshoot the IPVC 3500 MCU with EMP board and enable MCU/EMP features including; continuous presence and voice activated video conferencing.
* Configure Cisco Unified CallManager and MCU for video conferencing in a SCCP and H.323 environment.
* Configure a H.323 gatekeeper for H.323/H.320 gateway registration, implement a dial plan. Configure the IPVC 3500 PRI and BRI gateways and describe the purpose of IP-IP gateway in a WAN H.323/H.320 interworking environment.
* Configure Cisco Unified CallManager and IPVC 3500 gateway in a SCCP environment and describe the purpose of a IP-IP gateway in that scenario.

Describe the features, functions, and benefits of a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express implementation.

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