Certificate Course in DIV + DHTML

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Important information

Typology Certificate
Location New delhi
Duration 2 Months
  • Certificate
  • New delhi
  • Duration:
    2 Months


Where and when

Starts Location
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New Delhi
Block B-6/ 83, First Floor, Shiva Road, Near Bikaner Sweets, Sector- 7, , 110085, Delhi, India
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Starts On request
New Delhi
Block B-6/ 83, First Floor, Shiva Road, Near Bikaner Sweets, Sector- 7, , 110085, Delhi, India
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Course programme

Certificate Course in DIV + DHTML

Are you a graphic designer, new to web designing, or a website owner then this programme will suite to your requirements. A graphic designer can upgrade himself to a web designer, and an unprofessional web designer can opt to boost his/her career by doing this course, and a website owner can solve his all day to day web designing related problems. This programme comprises all these following contents:
Learning outcomes Dur: 2 Months

Adobe Dreamweaver


* Introduction and creating content with HTML
* HTML values and units
* What goes into a web document?
* The head elements
* Text structuring essentials
* Character formatting essentials
* Lists
* Links
* Tables
* Frames
* Forms
* Colors and images
* Multimedia
* Special characters
* Internationalizations and localization
* Scripts
* HTML tips and tricks
* CSS basics
* Style definitions
* CSS values and units
* CSS inheritance and cascade
* Font properties
* Text formatting
* CSS lists
* Padding, margins, and borders
* Colors and background
* CSS layouts with floating and positioning
* Pseudo elements and generated content
* Dynamic HTML with CSS
* Media styles and defining documents for printing
* Formatting with html tables
* User interface styles
* Testing and validating css
* CSS tips and tricks


* Introduction and your first JS (JavaScript)
* Browser and document objects
* Scripts and HTML documents
* Variables
* Expressions and evaluation
* Data type conversions
* Operators
* Conditions and loops
* Functions
* Arrays
* Cookies
* Window and document objects
* Forms and its elements
* Submitting and revalidating forms
* Strings, Math and Dates


* Introduction
* Preferences and workspace
* The first website in Dreamweaver
* Setting up sites and servers
* Code accessibility
* Building style sheet web pages
* Working with text
* Inserting images
* Establishing web links
* Working with divs and ap elements
* Using built in behaviours
* Setting up tables and frames and framesets
* Interactive forms
* Creating lists
* Using timelines
* Spry and ajax pages
* Including multimedia elements
* Enhancing productivity and website management

Collaborative Project

Students will have to work with client side projects/ live projects and will have a degree of flexibility in choosing the orientation of their project. Students will work as a team and will be jointly responsible for the planning, conduct and outcome of the project, under the supervision of a member of staff acting as a guide. The project will be a significantly-sized production, with the objective of producing an output reflecting a real world need, together with accompanying documentation.

Learning Methodology:

* Implementation would be based on instructional design principles
* Classroom exercises, quizzes, and home assignments
* Continuous evaluation and feedback during the training
* Student has to pass through a very strong assessment system: Project Training, Practical Test, Theoretical Test, and a discussion (Viva)

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