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Typology Certificate
Location New delhi
Duration 3 Months
  • Certificate
  • New delhi
  • Duration:
    3 Months


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New Delhi
Block B-6/ 83, First Floor, Shiva Road, Near Bikaner Sweets, Sector- 7, , 110085, Delhi, India
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Starts On request
New Delhi
Block B-6/ 83, First Floor, Shiva Road, Near Bikaner Sweets, Sector- 7, , 110085, Delhi, India
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Course programme

Certificate Course in Web Developer Standard

This programme has been designed for fullfilling the demand for web developers from the industry. In India, there are more than 250 companies working on web development for designing web applications. Every website has an urgent demand of database and dynamic processing. So, this programme fullfill all the requirments. If you are a web designer or new to this field, then our brilliant teaching methodology and individual approach teaching system will make you easy to grasp it.

We have divided this course into three volume for easy study:
Learning outcomes Dur: 3 months

Server and Server Technologies volume I
Server side Scripting and Database volume II
CMS Designing and Implementation volume III

Server and Server Technologies
volume I

In the first volume of this course, you will learn about the servers, types of server, server hardware, server operating systems as well as server technologies. A web server is a computer program that delivers (serves) content, such as web pages, using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The term web server can also refer to the computer or virtual machine running the program.
Server side Scripting and Database
volume II

Server-side scripting is a web server technology in which a user's request is fulfilled by running a script directly on the web server to generate dynamic web pages. It is usually used to provide interactive web sites that interface to databases or other data stores. This is different from client-side scripting where scripts are run by the viewing web browser, usually in JavaScript. The primary advantage to server-side scripting is the ability to highly customize the response based on the user's requirements, access rights, or queries into data stores.

Server side Scripting Core PHP and PHP++:
PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP and MySQL Database Development and Administration is a practical hands-on course that covers the key and fundamental areas of the PHP Web scripting language and the development and administration of MySQL databases. It is excellent for creating dynamic, database-driven Web sites. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a tool that lets you create dynamic web pages. PHP - enabled web pages are treated just like a regular HTML pages and you can create and edit them the same way you normally create regular HTML pages. The course will take you through all you need to know to use PHP in creating an incredible web site.

Introduction PHP:
Why php and mysql, server side scripting overview, getting started with php, php syntax and variables, php control structures and functions, passing information with php, php string handling, arrays in php, php number handling, php troubleshooting, php as an object-oriented, working with the file system, working with cookies, php types, php advanced functions, securing php, php configuration, php exceptions, php styles, sending email with php, integration of php with java, javascript, and xml, creating and consuming web services with php, creating graphics with php, Case studies

My Sql Database integration:
A database is an integrated collection of logically-related records or files consolidated into a common pool that provides data for one or more multiple uses. One way of classifying databases involves the type of content, for example: bibliographic, full-text, numeric, image. Other classification methods start from examining database models or database architectures.

MySQL is the leading open source relational database management system and is extensively deployed around the world. Gain the skills needed to administer and maintain MySQL databases. A database can do many things like collection of data and whatever the data is depends on the kind of database you are currently working with e.g. of database used in our everyday lives include - address books, card index, etc. e.g of DBMS (Database Management System) are Oracle, MS - SQL, Access, MYSQL etc. MYSQL in particular is flexible, fully featured and very powerful. MYSQL is also seen as a natural partner of PHP.

Introduction to databases and MySql:
Installation, learning MySql (structured query language), database administration and design, integrating PHP and MySql, database queries, integration of web forms and databases, improving database efficiency, MySql troubleshooting's
CMS Designing and Implementation
volume III

A Web content management system (WCM, WCMS or Web CMS) is content management system (CMS) software, implemented as a Web application, for creating and managing HTML content. It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material (HTML documents and their associated images). A WCMS facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and essential Web maintenance functions.
Collaborative Project

Students will have to work with client side projects/ live projects and will have a degree of flexibility in choosing the orientation of their project. Students will work as a team and will be jointly responsible for the planning, conduct and outcome of the project, under the supervision of a member of staff acting as a guide. The project will be a significantly-sized production, with the objective of producing an output reflecting a real world need, together with accompanying documentation.

Learning Methodology:

* Implementation would be based on instructional design principles
* Classroom exercises, quizzes, and home assignments
* Continuous evaluation and feedback during the training
* Student has to pass through a very strong assessment system: Project Training, Practical Test, Theoretical Test, and a discussion (Viva)

PHP, MySql, Joomla, Drupal, Word Press etc.

All the contents are in their latest version.

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