Certificate in Development Management (CDM)


In Jabalpur

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    10 Months



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Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)
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XIDAS, 4th Mile, Mandla Road, Tilhari , 482021

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Course programme

This course covers the basic principles of management that are vital for the successful operation of any development programme or project or centre. Thus, this course integrates the principles of management and the perspectives of sustainable development.

The course consists of 24 subjects. Out of these, 12 are core subjects carrying 100 marks each and 12 are minor subjects carrying 50 marks each. Each student will have to complete 24 subjects, carrying a total of 1800 marks (1200 for the core subjects and 600 for the minor subjects). The topics or subjects that will be covered in this course are the following:

Code Name of the Subjects
CORE SUBJECTS (100 Marks each)
CDM-01 Communication Skills (Managerial & Developmental)
CDM-02 Computer and Information Technology
CDM-03 Basic Research Methodology
CDM-04 Advanced Research Methodology
CDM-05 Organizational Behavior
CDM-06 Basics of Accounting
CDM-07 Human Resource Management
CDM-08 Financial Management
CDM-09 Project Planning, Formulation & Management
CDM-10 Natural Resource Management
CDM-11 NGO Management
CDM-12 Ecology and Environment

MINOR SUBEJCTS (50 Marks each)
CDM-13 Livelihood Promotion
CDM-14 Human Rights and Duties
CDM-15 Government Sponsored Development Programmes
CDM-16 Health Care and Nutrition
CDM-17 Community Development (including Micro Finance and SHGs)
CDM-18 Entrepreneurship Development
CDM-19 Marketing Systems: Rural, Social, E-Business (E-Choupal)
CDM-20 Management of Cooperatives & Marketing Federations
CDM-21 Political Systems and Structures (including PRI)
CDM-22 Change Management (including Self-Management)
CDM-23 Principles and Practices of Management (including Management by Objectives)
CDM-24 Strategic Management

Certificate in Development Management (CDM)

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