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SCO 114-115, Level-2, Sector 34 A, CHANDIGARH, Punjab, India
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Starts On request
SCO 114-115, Level-2, Sector 34 A, CHANDIGARH, Punjab, India
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Course programme

Certificate in java programming

What is Java?, History, Versioning, The Java Virtual Machine, Writing a Java Program, Packages, Simple Java, Programs
Language Components

Primitive Data Types, Comments, for Statement, if Statement, while and do while Statements, switch Statement, break Statement, continue Statement, Operators, Casts and Conversions, Keywords
Object-Oriented Programming

Defining New Data Types, Constructors, The String Class, String Literals, Documentation, Packages, The StringBuffer Class, Naming Conventions, The Date Class, The import Statement, Deprecation, The StringTokenizer Class, The DecimalFormat Class

Introduction, Method Signatures, Arguments and Parameters, Passing Objects to Methods, Method Overloading, Static Methods, The Math Class, The System Class, Wrapper Classes

Introduction, Processing Arrays, Copying Arrays, Passing Arrays to Methods, Arrays of Objects, The Arrays Class, Command Line Arguments, Multidimensional Arrays

Introduction, Constructors, The this Reference, Data Hiding, public and private Members, Access Levels, Composition, Static Data Members
Inheritance & Polymorphism

Introduction, A Simple Example, The Object Class, Method Overriding, Polymorphism, Additional Inheritance Examples, Other Inheritance Issues
Abstract Classes and Interfaces

Introduction, Abstract Classes, Abstract Class Example, Extending an Abstract Class, Interfaces

Introduction, Exception Handling, The Exception Hierarchy, Checked Exceptions, Advertising Exceptions with throws, Developing Your Own Exception Classes, The finally Block
Input and Output in Java

Introduction, The File Class, Standard Streams, Keyboard Input, File I/O Using Byte Streams, Character Streams, File I/O Using Character Streams, Buffered Streams, File I/O Using a Buffered Stream, Keyboard Input Using a Buffered Stream, Writing Text Files

Threads vs. Processes, Creating Threads by Extending Thread, Creating Threads by Implementing Runnable, Advantages of Using Threads, Daemon Threads, Thread States, Thread Problems, Synchronization

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