Certificate in Maya Dynamics and CGI compositing

Clusters College for Media & Design
In Calicut

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Important information

Typology Course
Location Calicut
Duration 4 Months
  • Course
  • Calicut
  • Duration:
    4 Months

Almost all 3d character animation studios and Vfx studios have specialized departments for Maya dynamics (CGI effects) and CGI composting. To full fill the studios requirements we have designed a course which will serve both departments. End of course student will have dual benefit of joining any department of choice or available. As in all our courses it is complete solution of developing necessary senses to learning creativity and technology. In this particular career creativity and technology both are equally important and not say we have given importance for both equally.


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
3rd Floor, Baby Arcade, PT Usha Road, Calicut, 673032, Kerala, India
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Starts On request
3rd Floor, Baby Arcade, PT Usha Road, Calicut, 673032, Kerala, India
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Course programme

Week 01

Hand Exercises and visual development
Drawing strait horizontal and vertical lines
Drawing circles
Shading dark do light inside box within its boundaries
Drawing lines at equal distance
Dividing lines and shapes
Create a symmetrical freehand drawing
Drawing symmetrical objects like wine glass or flower vase etc.
Exercises to develop visual and time sense
Understanding patterns of nature
Perception of shapes from relationship of lines
Perception of scale/ size with relative scale
Clapping on prerecorded beets etc.
History of Animation
History of animation in Hollywood (With film references)
History of animation in India

Week 02

Maya Intro
Introduction to 3D software UI
Basics of 3D environment
Shapes, lofting, revolve/ lathe
Dynamics / Particles
Introduction to particles
Velocity, shape, life, color and opacity
Compositing (AE or Fusion)
Introduction to imaging technology
Layering and masking
Color correction

Week 03 and 04

Advanced Maya Dynamics, Part 1
Maya particles and N-particles
Soft and rigid bodies

Week 05, 06 and 07

Advanced Maya Dynamics, Part 2
Dynamic animation
Relationship editor
Dynamic nodes

Week 08, 09, 10 and 11

Advanced Maya Dynamics Part 3
Introduction to Maya fluid
Texturing and shading fluid

Week 11, 12 and 13

Real Flow
Introduction to Real flow
Working with Real flow particles
Maya and Real flow integration

Week 14

CGI Compositing
Working With CGI
Compositing 3d Multi Pass Renders
CG Compositing Techniques

Week 15

Color correction
Introduction to Color correction
Channel Matching
Color balance
Production work flow
Work flow of episodic animation studio
Work flow of feature films
Work flow of Animation and VFX for advertisements
Roles and responsibilities of typical studios

Week 16

Final Project Development
Introduction to industry
Professional ethics
Interview Skills

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