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Course programme


· All the grammar and its usage as covered in lessons of the prescribed textbook.
· History and Culture of the USSR (topics given below)
· Translation from Russian into English and vice-versa

Paper - I Grammar
Paper - II Translation
· Translation of an unseen Russian text
into English or Hindi
· Translation from English into Russian of a text

Paper - III
· Reading of a text studied and question on it.
· Questions on the topics given below.

· Origin of Russian People - The Slav People
· The Early village commune "The Mir"
· Home reading of reference book : Soviet Union and People
· The Period of First (Kievian) Rus
· Rise of Moscow and Institution of Tsardom
· The system of Serfdom
· The Stepan Razin and Pugachev Revolts
· Europeanisation of Rus under Peter I
· Radichshev and his "Journey from Petersburg to Moscow'.
· The Decemberist Movement of 1825
· First Russian Revolution - Events of Bloody Sunday and Revolution of 1905 - 1907; The First
World War.
· February Revolution of 1917
· October, 1917 Revolution
· Life and works of V.I. Lenin
· The Collectivisation Campaign
· The Great Patriotic War - (II World War): the role played and sacrifices made by the Soviet
· The USSR: its Republics, Land and territory, climate, seas, rivers, people and cities.
· Perestroika and Post-Perestroika phase.
· Russian Federation.

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