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Location Chandigarh
Duration 1 Day
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  • Chandigarh
  • Duration:
    1 Day


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SCO: 1-3, Level III, Opposite RBI Sector 17-D, Chandigarh, 160017 India, 160017, Punjab, India
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Starts On request
SCO: 1-3, Level III, Opposite RBI Sector 17-D, Chandigarh, 160017 India, 160017, Punjab, India
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Course programme

You will study how to take advantage of Personal marketing techniques in the course of all media for client acquirement, maintenance in addition to development. The Certificate in Personal Marketing offers a scrupulous accepting of Personal marketing principles in addition to practice in a short space of time. Topics such as retaining in addition to activating customers, the internet, database marketing, customer acquirement, new medium in addition to confidentiality, inventiveness in direct marketing - to name but a few - are all covered by the wide-ranging, advanced program of study. The module is divided into 18 segments.This module provides a systematic understin addition toing of the four imperative segments: 1. Customers -Targeting 2. Interface in the company of clients 3. Marketing Control 4. PermanenceThis course will center on Personal Marketing, in the company of the purpose of providing students in the company of an organized scaffold for creating in addition to implementing a personal marketing plan. The course is designed to acquaint students in the company of the basics, from business cards to advertising campaigns in addition to will explore start-up, follow-through in addition to measurement strategies for a personal promotion plan.This module will not only give you the backdrop in addition to information necessary to build plus implement a wide-ranging personal marketing in addition to sales plan, you will in point of fact build your plan. At the end of the program you will have your comprehensive plan in place in addition to know exactly how to execute the plan.Course contentModule-What is Direct in addition to Interactive Marketing? Direct in addition to Interactive Marketing- What makes Das well asIM different is precision targeting Direct in addition to Interactive Marketing-Targeting prospects in addition to customers by status, potential value as well as interest Direct in addition to Interactive Marketing-Generating enquiries in addition to orders Direct in addition to Interactive Marketing-Accountability through measurability Direct in addition to Interactive Marketing-Increasing customer loyalty as well as lifetime value Direct in addition to Interactive Marketing-The TICC formula Direct in addition to Interactive Marketing-Focusing on the individual Direct in addition to Interactive Marketing-From distance selling to database marketing Direct in addition to Interactive Marketing-Main types of Das well asIM applications in the company of examples Module-Channels to Market (CTM) CTM- The altering character of sales in addition to communication channels CTM- Convergence of channels CTM- The development of direct selling CTM- The augmentation of the internet CTM- Why the net has developed furthermore the risks attached CTM- Impact on traditional business CTM- Is interactive advertising the same? CTM- Issues in the company of selling in the course of retail as well as intermediary channels Module-Direct Marketing Planning (DMP) " DMP- How to construct a good marketing plan " DMP-How to assess a company's current position in the market place " DMP-How to set realistic in addition to quantifiable objectives " DMP-How to develop strategies " DMP-What to include in a Das well asIM action plan Module-Forecasting, Planning in addition to Measuring (FPM-) " FPM- What to measure to evaluate your crusade in addition to its components " FPM- How to use key performance indicators in addition to how to calculate them " FPM- Calculating how much to spend on acquiring a new client Module-The B-2-B- Difference " B-2-B- Why B2B is different to B2C - corporate to solitary traders " B-2-B- The Decision Making Unit " B-2-B- The buying process in addition to timing " B-2-B- Data gathering in addition to putrefy " B-2-B- Confidentiality " B-2-B- The internet Module-Segmentation, Profiling plus Targeting (STP) " STP-The importance of targeting " STP-Examples of B2B as well as B2C profile " STP-The main beliefs of segmentation " STP-Examples of segmentation at work " STP-Propensity modeling " STP-Trigger connections Module-The Internet (Internet Applications -IA) " IA -The customer anticipation " IA -Ways to promote your website " IA -Search engine optimization " IA -Affiliates " IA -Viral " IA -Advertising " IA -Measuring success " IA -Case-examples Module-Planning to get hold of new-fangled clientele " Establishing customer acquisition planning in background - balancing new purchaser acquisition as well as maintenance programmes " Establishing customer acquisition objectives " Establishing stages in planning an attainment crusade " Establishing hierarchy in audience groups " Establishing your target audience - who are they in addition to their profiles " Establishing norms how in addition to why they buy " Establishing How in addition to when to choose a one-stage selling or multi-stage enquiry process Module-The UK Media Market (UK Media) UK Media- An impression in addition to assessment of the media choices obtainable UK Media- The advantages in addition to disadvantages of the most important media, together in the company of DRTV, press, magazines, direct mail, radio, door-drops, in addition to so forth UK Media- Buying media, guidelines costs in addition to responses Module-Integrating the Acquisition Campaign " Establishing the concept of How to get the most out of your acquisition budget " Establishing the concept of Combining media in multi-media campaigns for maximum effectiveness " Establishing the concept of How time decays the interest " Establishing the concept of Integrating Direct in addition to Interactive Marketing in the company of other marketing in addition to advertising activity Module Customer Retention " Establishing the concept- The new-fangled marketing archetype - from transactions to relationships " Establishing the concept- CRM - what is it, in addition to is it a fairy tale? " Establishing the concept- The significance of staff, teaching in addition to integration " Establishing the concept -What is true loyalty? " Establishing the concept -Degrees as well as types of loyalty ModuleCommunicating in the company of Customers by Email, Phone in addition to SMS " Modern Marketing Applications -The benefits of email, costs in addition to potential results " Modern Marketing Applications -SPAM as well as Privacy " Modern Marketing Applications -Pros in addition to cons of SMS " Modern Marketing Applications -Case examples of email in addition to SMS building relationships " Modern Marketing Applications -The growth of call centres as well as their potential roles Module-Testing, Statistics as well as Research " Statistical as well as Analytical Applications - How to put into practice a straight marketing testing stratagem " Statistical as well as Analytical Applications - When in addition to what to test " Statistical as well as Analytical Applications - Testing in different media including press, mail, inserts in addition to e-mail " Statistical as well as Analytical Applications - How to avoid the common pitfalls that occur in testing " Statistical as well as Analytical Applications - Testing in B2B Module-Data in addition to Databases " Marketing Databases - Four principal uses of information in creative product interactions " Basic type in addition to source of purchaser information " What is a post code " The importance of information excellence " Database functions in addition to necessities " The four major system types: Marketing, Sales-Management, Tele-marketing in addition to Fulfillment Module-Direct in addition to Interactive Marketing Law in addition to Codes of Practice " The C.A.P regulations " Data Protection-Act " T.P.S, F.P.S as well as M.P.S " B.2.B as well as B.2.C differences Module-Campaign Management " Campaign associated Applications - An business diagram of the numerous dissimilar suppliers needed to assume a movement " Campaign associated Applications - What they do in addition to how they work collectively " Campaign associated Applications - Managing campaign " Campaign associated Applications - Choosing the correct supplier Module-Creative Strategy in addition to Implementation " Differences flanked by general promotion in addition to creative inputs " How in addition to why people act in response " What is a direct marketing proposal? " Taking a consumer from consciousness to accomplishment " A.I.D.C.A in action Module-Creative Implementation " Approaching incorporated campaign " Skills in addition to technique at the rear of influential writings " Structuring the representation " Time length of the representation " The special requirement of mail " Envelopes in addition to offer " The importance associated with blueprint " Developing enormous e-mails

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