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Chandigarh (Punjab)
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SCO 114-115, Level-2, Sector 34 A, CHANDIGARH


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Course programme

Certificate in php programming

PHP Basics
How PHP Works, The php.ini File, Basic PHP Syntax, PHP Tags, PHP Statements and Whitespace, Comments, PHP Functions, Variable Types, Variable Names (Identifiers), Type Strength, Variable Scope, Constants, Variable-Testing and Manipulation Functions, PHP Operators, Creating Dynamic Pages, Single Quotes vs. Double Quotes

Flow Control
Conditional Processing, If Conditions, Loops (while, do...while, for), break and continue

Enumerated Arrays (Initializing Arrays, Appending to an Array, Reading from Arrays), Looping through Arrays, Associative Arrays (Initializing Associative Arrays, Reading from Associative Arrays, Looping through Associative Arrays), Two-dimensional Arrays (Reading from Two-dimensional Arrays, Looping through Two-dimensional Arrays), Array Manipulation Functions

PHP and HTML Forms
HTML Forms, How HTML Forms Work, A Sample HTML Form, Form Variables

String Manipulation
Formatting Strings (Concatenation, String Manipulation Functions, Examples of String Functions) Magic Quotes ( magic_quotes_gpc, magic_quotes_runtime, Recommendation on Magic Quotes)

Reusing Code and Writing Functions
Including Files ( require, require_once), auto_prepend_file and auto append file, User Functions (Defining and Calling Functions, Default Values, Variable Scope), By Reference vs. By Value, Form Processing, Code Organization

Simple SELECTs
Introduction to the Northwind Database, Some Basics (Comments, Whitespace and Semi-colons), Case Sensitivity, SELECTing All Columns in All Rows, SELECTing Specific Columns, Sorting Records (Sorting By a Single Column, Sorting By Multiple Columns), Sorting By Column Position, Ascending and Descending Sorts, The WHERE Clause and Operator Symbols (Checking for Equality, Checking for Inequality, Checking for Greater or Less Than, Checking for NULL), WHERE and ORDER BY
The WHERE Clause and Operator Words (The BETWEEN Operator, The IN Operator, The LIKE Operator, The NOT Operator), Checking Multiple Conditions (AND, OR, Order of Evaluation)

Subqueries, Joins and Unions
Subqueries, Joins (Table Aliases, Multi-table Joins, Outer Joins), Unions (UNION ALL, UNION Rules)

Inserting, Updating and Deleting Records

Managing Data
Querying a Database (mysql() Overview, mysql Methods and Properties, Inserting and Updating Records, mysql Prepared Statements)

Authentication with PHP and MYSQL
A Database-less Login Form

Session Control and Cookies
Sessions (Configuring Sessions, Session Functions),

Sending Email with PHP
mail(), Shortcomings of mail(), PHPMailer

File System Management
Opening a File fopen(), Reading from a File fgets(), Writing to a File fwrite(), File Locking flock(), Uploading Files via an HTML Form, Getting File Information, More File Functions, Directory Functions (Getting a Directory Listing), Getting a Directory Listing, Ajax with PHP (Ajax Overview, Ajax Technology Stack, Ajax Implementations, Installing and configuring HTML_Ajax Pear Module, Ajax Server, Ajax Client) Creating a Dreamweaver site (Site creation - basic, Site creation - advanced)

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