Certificate Programme in Medicinal Chemistry

Bharathidasan University
In Tiruchirappalli

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Bharathidasan University.Palkalaiperur, Tamil Nadu, India
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Starts On request
Bharathidasan University.Palkalaiperur, Tamil Nadu, India
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Course programme

Paper - I
Unit I
Classification of drugs based on Sources, Mode of Administration, Site of action, absorption of
drugs, Drugs distribution and excretion.
Unit II
Drug Metabolism : Chemical Pathways of drug Metabolism - Oxidation, Reduction, Hydrolysis
and conjugation reaction.
Unit III
Adverse responses and side effects of drugs, Drug allergy, Drug intolerance, Drug addiction,
Drug abuses and their biological effects.
Unit IV
Chemotheraphy : Biochemical mode of action of antibiotics - Penicillin, Tetracycline,
Unit V
Antiseptics and disinfectants - Phenols and related Compounds, formaldehyde and ethanol.
Paper - II - Clinical Biochemistry
Unit I
Inborn errors of Metabolism : Phenylketonuria, Tyrosinosis, Alkaptinuria, Maple Syrup Urine
disease, Albinism, Parkinson's disease, Lesch Nuhan Syndrome, Gout, Glycogen Storage
disesase, Tay-Sach's disease, Gaucher's disease.
Unit II
Collection, Preservation of biological specimens such as blood, Urine.
Unit III
Biochemical assessment of Liver function, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Janundice, Hepatic Coma.
Unit IV
Disorders in Blood: Anaemia, Types of Anaemia, Methaemoglobinaemia, Agranulocytosis,
Thrombocytopenia, Haematuria, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia.
Unit V
Qualitative analysis of Urine, Urinary Sediments, Renal functions tests, acute and Chronic renal
failure, Glomerular Nephritis and Urinary Calculi.
Paper III
1. Haematology Practice - TC, DC, ESR, Hb, Blood Grouping
2. Estimation of Blood Glucose - O.T. Method.
3. Estimation of Urea - DAM Method
4. Estimation of Protein - Lowry's Method
5. Estimation of Cholesterol - Zak's Method.
6. Estimation of Creatinine
7. Estimation of Uric acid - Caraway's Method.

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