Certificate in Welder Mechanics (CWM)


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Important information

Typology Certificate
Methodology Distance learning
Duration 1 Year
  • Certificate
  • Distance learning
  • Duration:
    1 Year

Course programme

Certificate in Welder Mechanics (CWM)

Course Content:


TRADE THEORY:General discipline in the institute :-----Elementary First Aid—Importance of Welding inIndusty—Safety in Manual Metal Arc Welding—Safety in Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting—Marking and Measuring Tools.
2 Gas Welding Hand Tools :---Uses Care and Maintenance—Various Welding
Processes –
3 Different Process of metal joining---Bolting-Riveting--Soldring-Brazing-etc
4 Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Equipment—Principle and Application—their care and Maintenance.
5 Simple Electrical terms and their definition—Uses of Electricity as applied to Welding electricity-AC-DC-Type of electric Welding and application.
6 Common Gases used for Welding—Oxygen, Hydrogen, Acetylene. Coal gas etc. Types of oxy-acetylene flames—their setting—uses—various gas combinations—flame temperatyres and their uses.
7 Nomenclature of Welding joints—Terms applied to each joints—Explanation with simple sketches-- Welding sysbols.
1 Introduction of Trade and safety precautions
2 Welding shop tools
3 Welding process and their classification
4 gases used in welding
5 High pressure and low pressure
6 gas welding fault
7 Type of welding joints
8 gas welding of various metals
9 Soldering and brazing
10 Metal cutting by gas flame
11 Hard facing
12 Heat and Temperature
13 Pipe welding - gas & arc
14 Electric arc welding
15 Resistance welding
16 Arc welding of different Metals

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