Certification Preparation for HP WinRunner

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Important information

Typology Training
Location Noida
Duration 2 Days
  • Training
  • Noida
  • Duration:
    2 Days


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
A-72, Sector-2, 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
A-72, Sector-2, 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Course programme

This program is developed with top-quality presentation & content performance exactly to perform the featured automation. This complete teaching program is designed mainly by mercury taught I.I.T. graduate who have worked for Mercury Inc, U.S.A. The institute covers all the fields of Win Runner that will require knowing to use it efficiently. This complete teaching provides more than just preface & intermediate contents, but this also includes numerous higher level topics which make the program the most comprehensive. Further, the program covers both Client and Server and Web based environments & much more. The candidate will be offered with presentation, quiz, labs & lab solutions for each teaching sections

It is proposed to in commence novel users to Win Runner interims to the ways of using it. By the end the candidate will know the method to build up a completely functional automatic test suite that can test a normal G.U.I. & web-based applications, not attended for hours.

Basic testing information & some programed background

The outline of the program includes the following training units or activities:


• Preface To Win Runner Basic
• Mechanism behind Working of Win Runner

Creating a Script

• Win Runner Recording Modes
• Create a Script-Quiz

The G.U.I. Map

• Various methods of G.U.I. Map
• G.U.I. Map-Maintenance
• G.U.I. Map-configuration
• The G.U.I. Map-Quiz


• Synchronization-Quiz
• Synchronization-Lab

Verifications (Check-points)

• Verifying-Quiz

• Verification Object State
• Verification Object State Quiz
• Verification Object State Lab

• Verify the Images
• Verify the Images Quiz
• Verify the Images Lab

• Verify the Text
• Verify the Text Quiz
• Verify the Text Lab

• Check the Data-base
• Check the Data-base Quiz
• Check the Data-base Lab

Data Driven Test

• Work with Data-tables

Work with Data-base

• Connect to Data-base
• Execute queries & manipulate record-set

T.S.L. Basic

• T.S.L. Basic Quiz

Work with Files

• Work with Files Quiz
• Work with Files Lab


• Work with Compiled semesters
• Function Quiz
• Function Lab

Basic concept of the ways of addins work
Intricacy of Web Addin (counting event driven program)
Projects on Web addin that envelops all the features of web-testing
V.B. & Active-X addin enlightened with Lively examples & projects
Java & Terminal emulator addin enlightened with lively lab session

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