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Sterling Road, 600034, Tamil Nadu, India
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Chem informatics is a rising ground of IT that applies compute skill to assemble, store, examine & influence chemical data. It embraces a broad series of application in Drug invention & growth procedure. Thus numerous pharmaceutical industries rely on this to help their chemist with complicated molecular handing out intruments in the procedure of design & rising new drugs. Growths in Drug Design are the vital requirement of the hrs to countenance the disease that are the most fears to the endurance. The intention of this program is to offer avenue for the aspirant to offers them with practical exposure & sufficient information in the important region of Chem informatics with exacting stress on its range in contemporary Drug invention. In order to attach to the information on Chem informatics & Drug design, Institute produce the program with profitable software V.LIFE M.D.S .The package contains subsequent Units: Vlife M.D.S. is an included platform for C.A.D.D. & particle invention obtainable for both Window & Linux platform.

This included set provide whole tool-kit to execute all scientific function requisite to pursue construction base as well as legend base discovery approach,

VlifeBase- For molecule draws, visualize & analysis.

VLife Engine- For all molecular operation & key action of conformer generation

ProModel- For homology model with selection for manual & automate template base model.

VlifeDock-For dock study with numerous score purpose & alternative for speedy & high accuracy dock.

VlifeQ.S.A.R.-For 2-D or 3-D QSAR with numerous changeable collection option & deterioration techniques .

ChemD.B..S-For explore database with numerous search option include belongings, fingerprint & pharma cophore base techniques.

MolSign- for pharma cophore production & purpose in optimize.

LeadGrow-For create combination library with a selection of substitution.

ProViz-For Calculate & visualize molecular property on the surface of a molecules.


Job opportunity will be extremely assist in pharmaceutical company while doing with commercial software's.

Collision issue for journal publication will be enhance.

Research will be greatly improve while responsibility with profitable software.

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