Clinical Psychology courses in Kerala

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  • Clinical Psychology
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  • Master
  • Calicut
  • 2 Years

...The course is designed to meet the changing demands of the academic world. The course is conducted by faculties many of whom have been conferred with prestigious... Learn about: Psychology Degree, Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology... More

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Integrated Ph.D in Psychology Course in Ernakulam
Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit
  • PhD
  • Ernakulam

...The university conducts Integrated M.Phil/Ph.D in Psychology as per its tradition of imparting knowledge in various branches of Sanskrit as well as Indology... Learn about: Counselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Bipolar Disorder... More

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Professional Training Course in Ernakulam
Consilium Institute Of Professional Psychology
  • Training
  • Ernakulam
  • 1 Day

...* Teachers' teaching in performance supervision * Psycho analytic & beneficial skill for countrified counselor * Trainers' preparation... Learn about: Cognitive Development, Cognitive Psychology, Organizational Management... More

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Similar training online and classroom-based
  • Certificate
  • Online
  • Different dates available
  • 1 Year

... in people and ways to improve health. The global clinical trials industry is currently worth an estimated $10 billion and has the potential for considerable growth in the future. The course is designed to understand the fundamentals of clinical research... Learn about: Drug Development, Clinical Research, Clinical Studies... More

Rs 15,500
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  • Master
  • Online
  • 2 Years

... in general. Therefore, a history of psychology goes well beyond circumscribed limits. By exploring the history and philosophy of psychology we’re also exploring big questions about what we are and how we come to understand that... Learn about: World History, Clinical Psychology, Psychology and Science... More

Rs 35,700
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