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Location Noida
Duration 4 Days
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  • Noida
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    4 Days


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A-72, Sector-2, 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
A-72, Sector-2, 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Course programme

This deep program offers a complete knowledge of using Quick Test Professional 9.2 as automatic functional testing equipment for various environments. The candidate will use Quick Test Professional’s graphical point & click interface to record & play back tests, adding synchronization points & verifying steps, & creating multiple action tests. The candidate will construct upon fundamental contents by use of debug equipments to trouble shoot tests & using further checkpoints & product options to expand the range of business processes that can be automated. Once tests are made, the candidate will discover & correct ordinary record & play-back troubles. All contents are managed by hand on exercises that are based on real life illustrations.

Take the functional test mechanization skills to the subsequent level by studying to use the Experts View in Quick Test Professionals. Through discussions and hand on exercises, the candidate will study to make steps that work with lively objects & data, using VB Script conditional & looping statement to manage the flow of the tests and components, & using Data Table techniques & data-base connection objects to recover external data.

Proposed Spectators

Novel users of Quick Test who require to automate manual testing & verification in a short period of time

• Quality assurance engineers who will presume technological lead roles in using Quick Test Professionals.
• Quality assurance engineers who will support business analysts using Business Process Testing.
• Other users of Quick Test Professional who require customizing & enhancing their automated tests by use of scripting.

The aim of the program:

At the finishing of the program, the candidate will be capable to:

• Creating basic scripts from a manual test case
• Enhancing basic tests with synchronizing & verifying
• Parameterize tests to run with numerous sets of data
• Creating & reuse the modular action
• Using the Objects Repository
• Using debug equipments
• Using customs check-points to make more accurate verification points within the
• Using the Objects Repository Managers
• Describing and using virtual object
• Resolving object recognition troubles
• Identifying the benefits of Experts View.
• Translating steps among Keyword Views & Experts View.
• Entering test steps in Expert-View.
• Retrieving and using the properties of an application objects.
• Using constants & variables in test.
• Identifying applications objects with program description.
• Creating exams that comprise VB Script operator, function, & statement.
• Retrieving data from application object.
• Describing and using different VB Script loop statements.
• Use of the Data-Table objects to store run time data & drive actions.
• Creating scripts that access data from outer sources.
• Creating novel sub-routines & functions.
• Creating & associates a library functions.
• Using the Function Library editors.
• Identifying when to deal with exceptions programmatically.

Pre-requisites of the program:

• Windows
• Websites & browser
• Testing concept

Recommended Follow-Up Programs
Higher Level Quick-Test Professional 9.2

The outline of the program:

• Outline Of Quick Test Professional 9.2
• Prepare to Record
• Create a Script
• Work with Objects
• Use Synchronization
• Use Standard Check-points
• Use of Parameters & Data Driven Test
• Use of Multiple & Reusable Actions
• Use of Data-base Check points
• Use of Recovery Scenarios
• Objects Repository Administration & Maintenance
• Scripts Debug
• Preface to Higher Level Q.T.P.
• Preface to the Expert-View
• Use of the Expert-View
• Work with Objects Properties
• Work with Lively Objects
• Use of VB Script Operator, Statement, & Function
• Retrieve External-Data
• Create Novel Procedures
• Automated Frame-works
• Case-Study and Exercises on the Customized Application
• Post Assessment

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