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Typology Course
Location Noida
Duration 2 Days
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  • Noida
  • Duration:
    2 Days


Where and when

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A-72, Sector-2, 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
A-72, Sector-2, 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Web LOAD offers complete and vigorous surroundings for load tests. This comprises complete authoring surroundings to record, edit and debugs test scripting, extremely well-organized implementation surroundings for explaining load parameters (virtual-users), running & checking the tests along with the reporting equipments to analyze & present test outcomes.

The Web LOAD environment comprises numerous components out of which presently the Load Generator constituent (the engine that generate the definite load) is provided as an open-source component. All further components are provisionally only provided as free binaries. It is in the road map to substitute this mechanism with novel completely open sources versions.

This is an essential program for testers who:

• Have modest or no coding skill
• Have restricted test mechanization knowledge
• Are usually novel to presentation testing

The main aim of the program is as follows:

• Planning performances testing assignments & activities
• Designing presentation tests
• Implementing or executing performance tests by means of automatic test equipments

The main outline of the program is as follows:

• introduce Web-LOAD
• Get commenced
• Welcome to Web-LOAD
• Functioning of Web LOAD Work
• Web LOAD Characteristics
• Web LOAD Quick-Start
• Quick initiating Steps
• Create an Agenda
• Configure a Load Template by means of the Web-LOAD Wizard
• Run the Test
• Analyze Test Outcomes
• Web LOAD Installing & Configurations
• Install Web-LOAD
• License Registration & Updating
• Un-installing Web-LOAD
• Upgrading Web-LOAD
• Communication among Host Computers
• Configure
• Work with Firewall
• Web LOAD Console Characteristics
• The Web LOAD Consoling
• Consoling essentials
• Editing Modes and Running Modes of Operation
• The Consoling Menu Option
• The Console Tool-bar
• Create Load Template
• Web-LOAD Options for making load Template
• Plan a Testing Session
• Load Sessions Work-flow
• Form a Test-Plan
• Commencing Web-LOAD
• Connect to Web-RM
• Get Started
• Work with Web-RM
• Manage Load Templates & Load Sessions
• Manage Load Templates
• Managing Load Session
• Making Load Templates with the Web-LOAD Wizards
• Use of the Web-LOAD Wizard to make Load Templates
• The Web-LOAD Wizard Work-flow
• Open the Web-LOAD Wizard
• Select an Agenda / Mix
• Select an Agenda
• Select the Mix
• Select Host Computer
• Schedule the Load Sessions
• Complete the Web-LOAD Wizard subsequent to Complete the Web-LOAD Wizard
• Create Load Templates with Cruise Controls
• Use of Cruise Controls
• Working of Cruise controls
• The Cruise Controlling Wizard Work-flow
• Open the Cruise Controlling Wizard
• Select an Agenda / Mix
• Run solitary Agenda
• Run a Mixture of Agenda
• Select Host Computer
• Define presentation objectives
• Define the speeding up Rate
• Define Web LOAD Actions as the objectives are attained
• Completion of the Cruise Controlling Wizard
• View the Cruise Controlling Default Reports