Computer Aided Geometric Design


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Typology Certificate
Methodology Online
Duration 6 Weeks
  • Certificate
  • Online
  • Duration:
    6 Weeks

Suitable for: 1.Engineering Graduates and Post-Graduates (B.E / B.Tech / M.E. / M. Tech. in Aerospace, Automobile, Mechanical, Computer Science, Industrial Pro-. duction, Chemical, Petro-chemical, Bio-chemical and Bio-medical). 2.Third Year (Sem-II) or Final Year Engineering Students. 3.Final Year B.E Students who are aspiring for higher education abroad. 4.Working Professionals in Design, Manufacturing and Service Industry

Important information


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Course programme

  • Matrix and Vector Algebra
    Operation on Matrices
    Systems of Linear equations
  • Vectors
    Operation on Vectors
  • Transformation
    2D Transformations
    3D Transformation
  • Dierential Geometry
    Implicit and explicit representation
    Arc Length
    Tangent Vector and Tangent Line Normal Vector and Curvature
    Binormal vector and Torsion
  • Parametric Polynomial Curve
    Ferguson Curves
    Hermite Coons
  • Bezier Curves
    Goals of mathematical curve denition
    Introduction to Bezier
    Construction and Properties
    Moving Control Points
    De Casteljau's Algorithm
    Derivatives of a Bezier Curve
    Subdividing a Bezier Curve
    Degree Elevation of a Bezier Curve
    Continuity Conditions
    Parametric Continuity
    Geometric Continuity
  • B-Spline Curves
    Basis Function
    Knot Vectors
    Control Points
    Construction and Properties, Open And Close Curves
    Moving Control Points
    Modifying Knots
    Algorithms: De Boor Algorithm
    Knot Insertion
    Subdividing a B-Spline Curve
  • Surfaces
    Basic Concepts of Surfaces
    Bezier Surfaces
    NURBS Surfaces
  • Intersections
    Intersection in 2D-Linear Components and Linear Components
    Linear Components and Quadratic curves
    Linear Components and Polynomial curves
    Intersection in 3D-Linear Components and Planar Components
    Linear Components and Quadric surfaces
    Linear Components and Polynomial Surfaces
  • Projections
    Projection of a point on Line
    Projection of a point on Plane
    Projection of a point on Curve
    Projection of a curve on surface
    Projection of a surface on surface

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