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Typology Course
Location Panjim
Duration 1 Day
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  • Panjim
  • Duration:
    1 Day


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203, Prema Building, Rua de Ourem, Goa, India
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Starts On request
203, Prema Building, Rua de Ourem, Goa, India
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Course programme

Come to thing about comupter typing, paced development of modern science and technology, it is necessary to know the keyboard for the purposes every day-many. Even Cell phones and PDA business is keyboard-centric.

This training program specially designed for those people who want to learn keyboard skills as soon as possible, our Stendodac's short time Computer Speed Typing program will make it very easy to teaches you how to type within the shortest time fairly easy- to work on a several types of keyboard operations. Students will learn the basic computer keyboard layout, performing exercises and drills designed to increase keyboarding skills.

Present working environment, the keyboard is much in use for unlimited applications, especially in the computer. Word documents, Desk top publication, Web Design, Presentation, Computer Aided Design, email and web browsing are among the thousands of data where a computer keyboard is a necessity. In today's working time everybody wants a deep knowledge of the computer typing, and complete their work project very fast also have a fast write speed to fastlly achieve its objectives, the applications are working.

This training program specially designed for those candidates who actual do not know typing and wish to learn to touch type accurately, or those who always use their one finger for typing - The program will provide you fast keyboard skills. Time is precious, SO THE SPEED IS VERY IMPORTANT. Imagine writing an email or letter, which takes an hour or more, when you could have done is a fraction of the time, saving precious time for other important work or leisure activities and creative work.

If you already can type, you can now develop a much faster then what we have now - with the help of the exercises, practices, the instant speed and accuracy reports - all computerized. It's fascinating to see the speed and accuracy of construction, with each year and the year that the exercise - in front of your eyes.

Our friendly computer assistants staff will help you with the basics about the placement of finger and hand, besides being with you throughout the program

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