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On request
OPriya Bldg.,1st Floor, Dr. Peter Dias Road, Near Mehboob Studio,, 400050, Maharashtra, India
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On request
Chinoy Mansion, First Floor, Block #2, Opp. St.Stephen's Church, Warden Road,, 400036, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
OPriya Bldg.,1st Floor, Dr. Peter Dias Road, Near Mehboob Studio,, 400050, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
Chinoy Mansion, First Floor, Block #2, Opp. St.Stephen's Church, Warden Road,, 400036, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

The Internet has revolutionized the way organizations think about application development and deployment. The leap from traditional client-server development to web base development takes more than accessing data through a browser.

Sailent Features

* ASP.NET helps to develop web-based applications with high performance and scalability.
* Develop web-based applications using ASP.NET
* Apply client-side and server-side programming, DHTML, scripting.
* Analyze the performance issues involved in developing applications on the net.
* Evaluate the use of client-side scripting vs. server-side scripting.
* Develop applications using ASP.NET, XML and databases.
* Obtain and process information about server, clients, and users.
* Keeping track of client interactions.
* Develop and deploy applications using Microsoft InterDev and Studio.


* Web solution

Course Content

Module 1 : Introduction to ASP.NET 2.0

* .NET platform fundamentals
* Choosinga language for creation.
* How web applications work?
* What does ASP.NET provide?
* What is new in ASP.NET 2.0?

Module 2 : Introduction to ASP.NET 2.0 and Web Forms

* ASP.NET Objects
* Understanding the ASP.NET Page Life Cycle
* Overview of Controls Provided by ASP.NET
* Creating a New Website
* Opening Existing Websites
* Working with Web Pages and Other Content
* Debugging ASP.NET Applications
* Handling Events and Postbacks
* Building Interactive Dynamic Pages using Client Callbacks

* ASP.NET Web Controls
* Collecting and Processing User Input
* Using Text Boxes,Drop-down Lists
* Radio Buttons
* Check Boxes

Module 3 : Validating User Input with Validation Controls

* Examining the Need for User Input Validation
* Validating User Input in an ASP.NET Web Page
* Examining the RequiredFieldValidator Validation Control
* Examining the CompareValidator Using the RangeValidator
* Validating Input with the RegularExpressionValidator
* Aesthetic Properties for the Validation Web Controls
* A Look at the Remaining Validation Controls
* Examining the CompareValidator Using the RangeValidator

Module 4 : State Management in ASP.NET 2.0

* Working with Application State
* Working with Session State
* Working with View State
* State Management in Web Farms

Module 5 : Introduction to Master Pages

* The World Before Master Pages
* Creating to Master Pages
* Master Page Techniques
* Nested master pages
* Accessing master pages at runtime
* Dynamically using Master Pages
* Master pages and user controls

Module 6 : Navigation Controls

* Menu
* Tree View
* Site Map

* Working with Data-Bound Drop Down Lists
* Radio Buttons and Check Boxes
* An Overview of List Web Controls
* Filtering Results Using the Drop Down List
* Collecting User Input with Check Box Lists and Radio Button Lists

Module 7 : An Introduction to Databases

* Examining Database Fundamentals
* Storing Structured Data
* Creating a New Database
* Creating Database Tables
* Adding Data to the Books Table
* Data-Binding Syntax Enhancements
* .NET Data Provider Enhancements
* SQL Server Provider Enhancements
* ADO.NET Class Enhancements

* Accessing Data with the Data Source Web Controls
* Examining the Data Source Controls
* A look at SQL
* Language of Databases
* Delving into the SQL SELECT Statement
* Filtering

Module 8 : Displaying Data with the Data Web Controls

* An Overview of Data Web Controls
* Displaying Data with the GridView Control
* Showing One Record at a Time with the DetailsView
* Paging and Sorting with the GridView
* Deleting, Inserting, and Editing Data
* Updating, Deleting, and Inserting Data with the SqlDataSource
* Looking at the Data Modification SQL Statements
* Editing and Deleting Data with the GridView
* Inserting Data with the DetailsView

Module 9 : Sending Email in ASP.NET 2.0

* System.Web.Mail class
* System.Net.Mail
* Providing the SMTP Server's Details
* Sending an email using the MailMessage
* SmtpClient classes

Module 10 : ASP.NET Management and Monitoring

* Configuring Application Using web.config Using ASP.NET Performance Counters
* Packaging and Deploying ASP.NET Applications
* Copying website
* Publishing website

Module 11 : Introduction to Web Services

* Exposing Functionality with Web Services
* Creating a Simple "Hello World" Service
* Creating Transactional Services
* Managing State in Web Services
* Designing for Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA)
* Using Web Service Discovery
* Using Custom SOAP Headers
* Programming Secure Web Services
* Data-Binding Windows Forms to Web Services

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