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Mumbai (Maharashtra)
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Chinoy Mansion, First Floor, Block #2, Opp. St.Stephen's Church, Warden Road,, 400036


On request
Mumbai (Maharashtra)
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OPriya Bldg.,1st Floor, Dr. Peter Dias Road, Near Mehboob Studio,, 400050


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Course programme

This is a fast paced, in depth course on development with the C# .NET language. The course focuses on the fundamentals of the C#.NET language, as well as important topics such as error handling and debugging, object oriented design, and data access.


* Web solution

Course Content

Module 1 : The .NET Framework

* Over view of the .NET Framework and Common language runtime(CLR)
* Microsoft Intermediate Language
* Namespaces
* Common type system and Garbage Collection

Module 2 : Starting C#.NET

* Creating a new C# projects and choise of projects
* Understanding the C# Environment
* Changing the Characteristics of Objects
* Naming Objects
* Setting the Text Property of the Form
* Giving the Form an Icon
* Changing the Size of the Form
* Adding Controls to a Form
* Designing an Interface
* Adding an Invisible Control to a Form
* Coding an Interface
* Running a Project

Module 3 : Making Decisions and Loops

* Making Decisions Using if Statements
* Evaluating an Expression for Multiple Values Using switch
* Branching within Code Using goto
* Looping a Specific Number of Times Using for Statements
* Using do...while to Loop an Indeterminate Number of Times

Module 4 : Classes

* Creating Class
* Class Members
* Access Specifiers
* Writing Methods, Properties
* Instantiating Objects from Classes
* Calling Methods
* Call by Value
* Call by Reference

Module 5 : Overloading

* Overriding the methods
* Inheritance
* Abstract Class
* Interfaces

Module 6 : Understanding Event-Driven Programming

* Building an Event Example Project
* Interacting with the Keyboard
* Using the Common Mouse Events

Module 7 : Building Menus

* Programming Menus
* Using the Toolbar Contro
* Creating a Status Bar

Module 8 : Controlling Other Applications Using Automation

* Creating a Reference to an Automation Library
* Creating an Instance of an Automation Server
* Manipulating the Server

Module 9 : Working with a Database

* Introduction to ADO.NET
* Connecting to a Database
* Manipulating Data
* Using the Data Form Wizard

Module 10 : ADO.NET

* Dataview
* Dataset
* Connection
* DataAdapter
* DataReader
* Command

Module 11 : DataBinding

* Bind Data to the UI
* Simple Data Binding
* Complex Data Binding
* Binding Data to Datagrid, ListBox amd ComboBox

Module 12 : Consuming and Manipulating Data

* The BindingContext and CurrencyManager Classes
* Using the Data Form Wizard
* Transform and Filter Data
* Using Server Explorer
* Filtering Data
* Handling databases in code
* Access and Manipulate SQL Server data
* Using Stored Procedures
* Access and Manipulate Data
* The ADO.NET Object Model
* Using DataSets
* Editing Data with ADO.NET
* Using XML Data
* Handle Data Errors

Module 13 : Crystal Reports

* Fundamentals of the Crystal Reports Design Environment
* Adding Database Objects to Report
* Joining Database Objects Together
* Using the Database Expert
* Report Wizards
* Working with the Report Design Explorers
* Creating and Designing Basic Reports

Module 14 : Selecting and Grouping Data

* Filtering the Data in Report
* Creating Effective Summaries
* Using the Chart Expert
* Formula Workshop
* Formula Editor
* Formula Expert
* Formula Extractor
* Visualizing Data with Charts and Maps
* Map Expert
* Modifying Chart and Map Properties

Module 15 : Deploying a Solution

* Creating a Custom Setup Program
* Running a Custom Setup Program
* Uninstalling an Application You've Distributed

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