Corporate Training in VB.NET

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In Mumbai

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Important information

Typology Training
Location At 2 venues
Duration 1 Day


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
OPriya Bldg.,1st Floor, Dr. Peter Dias Road, Near Mehboob Studio,, 400050, Maharashtra, India
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On request
Chinoy Mansion, First Floor, Block #2, Opp. St.Stephen's Church, Warden Road,, 400036, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
OPriya Bldg.,1st Floor, Dr. Peter Dias Road, Near Mehboob Studio,, 400050, Maharashtra, India
See map
Starts On request
Chinoy Mansion, First Floor, Block #2, Opp. St.Stephen's Church, Warden Road,, 400036, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Student will confidently be able to develop within the visual basic .NET Development Environment and compose sound Visual Basic .NET syntax. The student will develop a basic understanding of object oriental design concepts and within a project, will be poised to take control of any VB.Net code and manipulate objects & design-time & run-time. The student will know the value in variable scope and what the scope of procedures and variables means to an enterprise application. The student will be able to deftly administer projects & properties and work with the base classes within the .NET Frame work. The student will have a foundation understanding of data access and Microsoft's data access paradigm - ADO.NET.

Sailent Features

* A brief history of .Net
* Backbone of .Net framework
* The ingredients of .NET
* The .NET & web classes
* Web Services and the next-generation Internet
* Integration wich more than 20 languages
* Compatibility with commerce server & Biztak Server


* Web solution
* Net security
* ERP solution

Course Content

Module 1 : .NET Framework architecture

* The role of Common Language Runtime(CLR) and core .NET Framework classes
* Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)
* Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation
* Assemblies
* Native assemblies
* Comparison of VB.NET, C# and J#

Module 2 : Introduction to Visual studio 2005

* Toolbars
* Toolbox
* Class View
* Solution Explorer
* Database Explorer
* Properties Panel
* Design View, Code View
* Introducing Windows Forms
* Creating a Windows Application
* Setting and Adding Properties to a Windows Form
* Important common properties of controls
* Configuring the order of tabs
* Handling Control Events
* First Hello World Program

* VB.NET Data Types
* Operators
* Conditional and Loops

Module 3 : The Visual Basic language

* Array
* Structures
* Procedures
* Scope and Exception Handling

Module 4 : Windows forms

* Scroll Bars
* Splitters
* Track Bars
* Pickers
* Notify Icons
* Tool Tips and Timers

* Menus
* Built-in Dialog Boxes and Printing

* Image List
* Tree and List Views
* Tool Strips
* Status and Progress Bar
* Tab Controls

Module 5 : Concept of Object Oriented Programming

* Class
* Object
* Data Encapsulation
* Data Hiding
* Data Abstraction
* Polymorphism
* Inheritance

Examples of:
* Class
* Objects
* Constructor
* Destructor
* Access Specifier

* Polymorphism
* Constructor Overloading
* Methods

* Inheritance
* Types of Inheritance
* Abstract Class
* Interfaces

Module 6 : Creating Menus

* Context Menu
* Toolbars
* Status Bar

* Creating User Controls
* Class Library
* Threading

Module 7 : ADO.NET

* Dataview
* Dataset
* Connection
* Data Adapter
* Data Reader
* Command
* Data Binding
* Bind Data to the UI
* Simple Data Binding
* Complex Data Binding
* Binding Data to Datagrid
* List Box
* Combo Box

Module 8 : Consuming and Manipulating Data

* The Binding Context and Currency Manager Classes
* Using the Data Form Wizard
* Transform and Filter Data
* Using Server Explorer
* Filtering Data
* Handling Databases in Code
* Access and Manipulate SQL Server data
* Using Stored Procedures
* Access and Manipulate Data
* The ADO.NET Object Model
* Using DataSets
* Editing Data with ADO.NET
* Using XML Data
* Handle Data Errors

Module 9 : Consuming and Manipulating Data

* Fundamentals of the Crystal Reports Design Environment
* Adding Database Objects to Report
* Joining Database Objects Together
* Using the Database Expert
* Report Wizards
* Working with the Report Design Explorers
* Creating and Designing Basic Reports

* Selecting and Grouping Data
* Filtering the Data in Report
* Creating Effective Summaries
* Using the Chart Expert
* Formula Workshop
* Formula Editor
* Formula Expert
* Formula Extractor
* Visualizing Data with Charts and Maps
* Map Expert
* Modifying Chart and Map Properties
* Implementing Parameters for Dynamic Reporting
* Understanding the Value of Parameters
* Creating and Implementing Parameters Fields

Module 10 : Consuming and Manipulating Data

* Deployment Tools
* Deploying a Windows application
* Customizing a Setup Project
* Shared Assemblies
* Creating Installation Components
* URL Remoting
* Methods of Deployment
* Windows Logo Programs racing

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