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Important information

Typology Training
Level Beginner
Location Greater noida
Class hours 4h
Duration 1 Day
Start Different dates available
  • Training
  • Beginner
  • Greater noida
  • 4h
  • Duration:
    1 Day
  • Start:
    Different dates available


Where and when

Starts Location
Different dates available
Greater Noida
316, Krishna Apra Park Plaza, Above IDBI Bank, Opposite City Park, Alpha II Commercial Belt, Greater Noida, 201308, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Starts Different dates available
Greater Noida
316, Krishna Apra Park Plaza, Above IDBI Bank, Opposite City Park, Alpha II Commercial Belt, Greater Noida, 201308, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Frequent Asked Questions

· What are the objectives of this course?

Will help you learn what is Stress and how to manage it. Diet & Lifestyle alternatives for Weight Loss etc. Call us to know more.

· Who is it intended for?

Any level of employee can attend the programme. No prior training required. Ideally the class size could be between 20 to 40 persons.

· Requirements

Any level of employee.

· What happens after requesting information?

Call our helpline to arrange a meeting in which we will discuss more about the enrollment possibilities. Courses could be offered either at our Venue or at the Work-Site.

What you'll learn on the course

Diet and nutrition
Stress Management

Teachers and trainers (1)

Dr Rajesh Singh
Dr Rajesh Singh
Corporate Wellness Consultant

Course programme

A corporate wellness program is set up in the workplace to offer employees a kind of comprehensive health service. The essence of a company wellness program is to encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and to take measures aimed at preventing the onset or worsening of illnesses.

There are various types of company wellness programs and each one may employ different tools and wellness initiatives to encourage active participation from its staff.

Why a Corporate Wellness Program?

Even the most basic company wellness programs consisting of simple health-based activities have proven to be beneficial in the company by way of increased productivity and reduced medical costs for healthier employees. Employers are increasingly incorporating company wellness programs as part of their overall strategy for promoting a healthier workplace.

Company wellness programs are an investment in the company’s most valuable asset, its employees. It benefits both the employee as well as for the employer. It is well known that healthy employees are happy employees. Employees tend to perform well and stay loyal to a company that values them as individuals and takes an active interest in their personal health.

Company wellness programs increase company productivity by attracting the most talented workers who see the health benefits as an attractive perk, reducing absenteeism and lost time by having healthier and happier employees, and improving employee morale, which leads to a reduction in turnover.

In addition to increasing productivity, company wellness programs benefit the company by reducing employee health care expenses. Making healthier lifestyle choices increases the employee’s chances of averting major diseases or illnesses.

Improved health and lesser incidence of disease mean that employers can reduce the use of health plans, which in turn lowers the cost of health benefits, adding to the profits of the company. While productivity gains are more evident than medical cost savings brought about by company wellness programs, the latter is nonetheless equally important.

Studies demonstrate that employees who are medically high-risk result in greater expense to the company as they generate claim costs that are higher and utilize more health care.

Careful planning and a well-designed company wellness program based on employee needs can lead to healthier employees, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, reduced health care costs and boost the morale of the employees.

In-house Programs/ Services

At Sammati Naturopathic WellBeing Centre, we offer services and programs suitable for your employees at different levels. Some of these include-

  • Lifestyle medicine
  • Weight management
  • Stress management
  • Individual and group yoga lessons
  • Seminars and workshop on relevant topics
Work-site Programs

We may also work with you to design a tailor made work-site program which suits you the best. That could be a workshop lasting only a few hours, to a well-designed on-site employee wellness program with long term goals in mind. A dedicated executive will be assigned to co-ordinate with your company if you decide to work with us.

If you are a business owner or a deciding authority in a company and would be interested in any element of our programs or services for your employees. kindly write to us at: Or, call us at 8010307171.

Additional information

What is a healthy weight loss? Your weight is a balancing act, but the equation is simple: If you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight. And if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you lose weight. 

Permanent weight loss is not something that a “quick-fix” diet can achieve. Instead, think about weight loss as a permanent lifestyle change—a commitment to your health for life. 

Program support to impact weight loss and lifelong healthy eating. Seek out support - to get the encouragement you need. Your plan needs to be monitored, evaluated and modified to specific needs. 

Losing weight too fast can take a toll on your mind and body, making you feel sluggish, drained, and sick. When you drop a lot of weight quickly, you’re actually losing mostly water and muscle, rather than fat. Components of our weight management program At Sammati Naturopathic WellBeing Centre, we employ methods which are natural, safe and scientifically proven. 

You undergo a thorough evaluation of your lifestyle, diet and physical activity routine through a detailed consultation process by a Naturopathic Physician who understands your body's metabolism, patterns of your weight gain and factors like endocrine/ hormonal imbalances, if any. 

A detailed personalized lifestyle recommendation including a diet and physical activity program is designed for you by our experts. You are also given a Notebook to maintain a diary of what you must 'note' during the day which will help you understand the actions which help/ do not help in the weight loss. 

You may also be recommended a few treatments to help you 'detox' or activate your metabolism. A colon wash or sweating treatments like Steam Bath or Sauna or activating your circulation through constitutional hydrotherapy or underwater massages or a manual lymphatic drainage could also be recommended during the course of this program. 

You may also be directed to attend a workshop to understand diet, nutrition, metabolism and role of other lifestyle factors to have a healthy weight loss. 

If you or any of your friend/ family member needs help in a structured weight loss program, please schedule an appointment with our experts by sending an email to: Or, call us at 8010307171. Important Links . 

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