Dance and Drama Schools in Maharashtra

Actor Prepares

ACTOR PREPARES is Indias finest acting school founded by Acting Guru Anupam Kher for talented individuals who wish to pursue careers as actor-performers See more

  • 3 courses
  • At Maharashtra

Red-Arrows Institute of Performing Arts and Fitness

Red Arrows Institute Of Performing Arts And Fitness is the only one performing arts institute has made a huge achievement in Dance & Music World from last 16 years .Red-arrows institute is established in May 1994. Vision behind opening dance institute is to serve the top most dance style to people and... See more

  • 5 courses
  • At Maharashtra
  • 2 courses
  • At Maharashtra
  • Courses between ₹ 120 and ₹ 6,000

Swatantra Theatre

Swatantra theatre in pune. Training 1- For aspiring proffessional actors / Film Actors. 2- Corporates (Art of Living) 3- Kids/School/College /Institutes (self confidence building). We give an excellent training, so that you can make the most talented showcase in front of world STAGE . After complition... See more

  • 1 course
  • At Maharashtra
  • Courses between ₹ 10,001 and ₹ 20,000

Dance Classes

Dance soothes eyes, it not only adds aesthetic beauty of human form in front of you, but a combination of music and body movement together in harmony indeed creates magic – a magic that leaves one in awe. Dance has always been an integral part of humans and its evolution. Dance has been one of the arts... See more

  • 18 courses
  • At Maharashtra