Hospitality and Tourism Management Schools in Gujarat

Ahmadabad Management Association

A pioneer in the management movement in the country, Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) has been contributing to management profession and the society through its various educational, training and research activities. Established under the inspiring leadership of late Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai and other... See more

  • 9 courses
  • At Gujarat
  • Courses between 696,876 and 1,742,190

Asia Pacific Institute of Management

Asia Pacific Institute of Management objective is to AIM FOR EXCELLENCE. We recognize that excellence is not a finite goal but we aim to prepare our students to reach these summits and seek new challenges at all times. By this we instigate the following into the generation: Prepare managers and professionals... See more

  • 15 courses
  • At Gujarat


The Kuoni Academy is an endeavour of the Kuoni Travel Group India, India's largest travel company. We aim to provide our students with the best opportunity to acquire knowledge, expertise and skills relevant to the Travel & Tourism Industry, keeping in view both present and future needs. The Kuoni Travel... See more

  • 17 courses
  • At Maharashtra and 11 other venues
SkillGuru Academy

SkillGuru Academy

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  • 1 course
  • At Gujarat
  • Courses for 30,000
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Indian Management Academy

The Indian Management Academy was established in 2005 by Confederation of Indian Healthcare Foundation (CIHF) a non government, not-for-profit organization registered in Ahmedabad to enhance the management skills of students, groups, hospitals, government agencies, NGO organizations, environmental groups... See more

  • 5 courses
  • At Gujarat
  • Courses for 36,120
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