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Raja Ravi Varma Foundation for Educational Art Science & Res

Prof Dr. Saikumar Varma The President of this Organization started at an early age of 23, with a heart filled with Dharma, Love of Art and limitless imagination, strong insight of "Art of Serving" and in the Remembrance of his Great Grand Father, The World Famous Artist Raja Ravi Varma. See more

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Holy Angels College Of Alternative Medicines Mumbai

The Open International University for Alternative Medicines chartered by Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, is the largest open international academy and a leading institution of natural and complementary medicines and health promotion in India and abroad. Established in 1991 by Dr. Suresh Kumar... See more

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Alternative Medicine College

Medical Yoga is an oldest medical system, for more than 5000 years Yogis, Siddas, Rishis and Sages developed the Medical Yoga. Medical Yoga helps in curing diseases and to live a long and healthy life. The techniques are kept secretly for a very long time and were almost lost. We research those techniques... See more

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  • At Tamil Nadu
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TamilNadu Physical Education and Sports University

Modern competitive sports require highly scientific and technical support systems that enable an individual athlete to achieve peak performance consistently. I am sure the advancement that takes place in the above said disciplines is quite useful to spot out and nurture the talents among the youth and... See more

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Rajeev Gandhi College, started under the aegis of Chouhan Education Society in 1994, has been successful in taking forward the vision of its managing society, which is reflected in the society's motto, "Education with a Social commitment". Our College is one of the very few non-government colleges in... See more

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  • At Madhya Pradesh
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Indian Board of Alternative Medicines

The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, based in Calcutta (Kolkata), India is an internationally-recognized holistic medicine training institute offering classroom-based and distance learning courses to students from all over the world. We offer undergraduate and graduate diploma and degree programmes... See more

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LTA-School Of Beauty

Established in 2005 with an objective of fulfilling industry requirement of trained cosmetologist and hair dresser, LTA quickly gained its reputation of being one the leading training school in its category. Its alliance with European education body CIDESCO and CIBTAC helped in bringing world class curriculum... See more

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  • 18 courses
  • At Maharashtra

Acupressure Research Training & Treatment Institute

Acupressure Research Training & Treatment Institute has offered comprehensive acupressure trainings. This Institute is Established under Acupressure Shodh, Prashikshan avam Shikshan Sansthan which is Registered by the Rajasthan Government. The Institute provides high-quality education that supports each... See more

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  • 13 courses
  • At Rajasthan
  • Courses between ₹ 1,999 and ₹ 3,999


DR. ASHOK BASOTIA is a well known authority in India in the field of Health & Beauty Science. He is a renowned Aromatherapist, Herbalist and Holistic Health & Beauty Consultant and Trainer. Ther courses/trainings conducted by him on Aromatherapy in particular and other Health & prestifious in Health... See more

  • 3 courses
  • At West Bengal

VLCC Institute of Beauty, Health and Management

Driven by the growing demand for specialised services in the Indian personal care market, VLCC, a category leader in the wellness domain with a strong global vision, started VLCC Institutes in 2001. The VLCC Institutes were established with the objective of rendering skilled professionals to the industry... See more

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You are fed up with going to astrologers and are more confused than ever just try us OR LEARN ASTROLOGY. You are stressed in your life with various problems, just try us through Reiki Meditation. OR LEARN REIKI. You are suffering from many ailments and want to remain fit, just try us through Sujok Therapy... See more

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  • 18 courses
  • At Delhi
  • Courses between ₹ 2,700 and ₹ 5,400

Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research

Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research (PIYSR) along with few other group Institutes are headed by Omanandji. Omanandji is chief disciple of Swamiji, who traveled 51 countries, a realized master, eloquent speaker, a born yogi, knows 6 languages, guides intensive yoga techniques to real seekers... See more

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  • At Madhya Pradesh

Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Manadal

Shree HanumanVyayam Prasarak Mandal, Amravati was founded by the Vaidya Brothers namely Anant Krishna and Ambadas Krishna in the year 1914, as a small Hanuman club. The Vaidya brothers may be rightly regarded as the pioneer organizers of the movement of physical education in Vidarbha Region. The small... See more

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  • 22 courses
  • At Maharashtra

National Institute of Ayurveda

The National Institute of Ayurveda, established on 7-2-1976, is an apex Institute under the Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India for promoting the growth and development of Ayurveda as a model Institute and for evolving high standards of teaching, training,... See more

  • 60 courses
  • At Rajasthan

Alternative Medical Council Calcutta

The introduction of allopathic system of medicine in India can be dated back to the British Colonial period that resulted in a neglegence of Traditional Medicinal Systems among the successors. With the truth of efficacy, cost effectiveness and safety it is in the process of restoration of it’s status... See more

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Institute of Alternative Medicines Kolkata

The Institute is a reputed leader in the field of Alternative Medicine. It is situated in the Calcutta, a city that is acknowledged as rich in center of culture and traditions. Institute of Alternative Medicines Kolkata is committed to providing excellence both in its curriculum as well as its treatments... See more

  • 44 courses
  • At West Bengal

Orient Spa Academy

Spa Professionals and Individuals who wish to develop careers in the spa industry can now start on their career by entering for courses at Orient Spa Academy. Here, we offer a diverse curriculum and guidance of Spa training by experienced and knowledgeable faculty. With our courses we intend to impart... See more

  • 47 courses
  • At Gujarat

International Centre for Holistic Healing and Allied Researc

The International Centre for Holistic Healing and Allied Research (ICHHAR) is a major educational institute, featuring a superior standard of training programmes, through regular instructional classes as well as via distance learning system, in a variety of alternative therapies. ICHHAR offers various... See more

  • 43 courses
  • At West Bengal

Impression Hair and Beauty Clinic

We believe in giving the best to our customers and the real value for their money. This is the reason we do not believe in "facial-facial" and give exclusively personalized treatment, as per clients' skin. And believe us, we use the worlds one of the best rated products. We do Ayurvedic and fresh fruit... See more

  • 51 courses
  • At Maharashtra

Institute of Alternative Medicines & Research

The “Institute of Alternative Medicines & Research” is the nations foremost organisation in the field of alternative medicines with thousands of members, practitioners and students spread across the length and breadth of the nation True to its moto- “Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease”... See more

  • 46 courses
  • At West Bengal