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25/1, Rustomjee Street, Ballygunge, 700019, West Bengal, India
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Starts On request
25/1, Rustomjee Street, Ballygunge, 700019, West Bengal, India
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Frequent Asked Questions

· Requirements

The applicant should have basic knowledge of coding in VBA, .Net platform and should have minimum 6 months experience in ESRI product or should have completed GIS Basics course.

Course programme

This program teaches the basics of Visual Basic for Applications development, Object Oriented Programming ideas (OOP), .NET platforms & the particulars of working with ArcObject.

OOP perceptions are described which includes the benefits of the COM. All ArcObject curriculums are COM based. Interface programming which covers in details. It is at the core of program with the ArcObject libraries, yet it may be new even to seasoned programs such as Avenue programmers

This program is beneficial for all the three architecting like: ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo which shares the knowledge. Class time is mostly spent doing hands-on programming exercises, Here student learns to write code that expose them to a lot of ArcGIS programs task as well as to the most usually used ArcObjects classes programming exercise or to discover ArcObjects on their own. After completing the program students will have ample of sample codes from which they can builds their own application.

This program is suitable for those who are in Software practiced and who want to develops on ESRI desktops based softwares & GIS fresher or executive who want to upgrade themselves as ESRI developers. The student should have fundamental knowledge of coding in VBA, .Net platform & should have minimum six months knowledge in ESRI products or should have completed Geographic Information Systems Fundamentals program.

Program Content:

* VBA developments environment: Customize the user interface. Writing & debugging codes

* VB language Basics: VB syntax; Codes storage; VB function; Branching & looping; Creating user form

* OOP concepts: Object & classes; Class library; technology; Property and event

* Reading OMDs: Class relationship; Class Kinds; using diagram to write codes

* Map and layer: Accessing map and layer; adding a layer to ArcMap; Classifying & symbolizing layer

* Customizing ArcCatalogs: Manipulating file in the catalogs; Defining file knids to be displayed

* Working with data: Accessing dataset on disk; creates new data; Edit data; Applying a domain to a geodatabase fields

* Geometry: Creating Different types of geometry; Displaying geometry; Storing geometry; spatial operation

* Spatial and attribute selection: Accessing a user selections; Defining an attribute or spatial query; processing a subset of record

* Layout: Programmatically formatting a map layouts; Adding element; Defining symbol and color for map element; Accessing item from the ArcMap style gallery

* Creating tool: Getting user input; Transforming mouse input to map unit; Working with the displays

* Programming ArcObject event: Outbound versus inbound interface; Finding event on the OMDs; Accessing an object's outbound interface.

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