Course in Ayurvedic Massage and Panchakarma Therapy

P.V.A Ayurvadic Hospital
In Kannur

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Important information

Typology Course
Location Kannur
Duration 1 Month
  • Course
  • Kannur
  • Duration:
    1 Month


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
modern Road, Kerala, India
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Starts On request
modern Road, Kerala, India
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Course programme

This program offered in P.V.A Ayurveda Hospital is of 30 days. During the session we will study the essential methods or procedures of Ayurvedic medication.It is a type of healing science. Ayurveda focuses the use of plant-based medicines and treatment.
In this course, you will learn the perceptive meaning of Ayurveda. This method will help in understanding the human being at a very subtle individual level and giving a detailed description about the diet, daily routine, lifestyle, actions and activities to be followed.
1. Past of Ayurveda.
2. Main methods of Ayurveda - Tridosha conception, Pancha Maha Bhuta conception, conception of Agni, Dhatus, Malas, Srotas, Koshta, Prakruti(Body constitution)...etc.
3. Vital method of Panchakarma - A comprehensive explanation of Panchakarma Treatments - sign, process, purpose as per the type of illness.
4. Idealistic approach of Ayurveda.
5. Notion of Body, Mind and Soul.
6. Marma - The fundamental body point and its significance.
7.Special Ayurvedic massages like Elakizhi made up of medicinal leaves, massaging with oil, navara rice, oil bath etc
8. Particular limited treatments - Kadivasti (For back pain), Netra Tarpana, (For improving the health of eyes), Gulfa vasti (Local treatment for Knee joint pain), Greeva vasti (Local treatment for neck pain), Krana poorana (Local treatment for ear diseases), Shiro vasti (Oleation of head) etc.
9. massage training in the given Massages and limited treatments.
10. Practical Massage Training in Kalari Marma Massage of Kerala

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