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Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
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# 502, Nagasuri Plaza (Bank Of India building) Behind Maithrivanam, Ameerpet


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Course programme

C-programming forms the basic foundation for all programmers, a good understanding and insight on C allows one to learn other software courses with ease. Since we train people on Unix platform it also gives them the basic foundation to go in for system programming.

» Why C ?
» Fundamentals of C
Data types and Constants
Operators & Expressions
Flow Control
Preprocessor features

» Functions
Role of Functions
Passing arguments to functions
Returning values from functions
Recursive Functions
Call Back functions
Implications on Stack
Pass by value/reference

» Arrays
Defining, initializing and using arrays
Multi Dimensional arrays
Arrays of Characters and Strings
Arrays and pointers
Passing arrays to functions
String handling and its library functions

» Storage Classes
Scope and extent of parameters

» Structures & Unions
What structures are for
Declaration, initialization and accessing
Nested Structures
Array of structures
Allocation of memory and holes

» Bit Operations
AND (&), OR (|), XOR (^)
Compliment (~)
Left-shift (<<), Right-shift (>>)
Masking, Setting and Testing of Bit/Bits

» Pointers
The purpose of pointers
Defining pointers
The & and * operators
Pointer assignment
Pointers with functions
Pointer arithmetic
Advanced pointer types
Pointers to functions
Pointers and Strings
Pointers and Dynamic memory
FAR & NEAR Pointers

» File Handling Concepts
Concept of a FILE data type
Character handling routines
Record handling routines
Formatting routines

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