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Rohini Sector-3, Outer Ring Road, Delhi, 110085, Delhi, India
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Rohini Sector-3, Outer Ring Road, Delhi, 110085, Delhi, India
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As the baleful consequence of criminalism on the well being & benefit of human society is cosmically recognized, freshly rising class of criminals offense is laying fresh disputes to the felonious justice systems. With speedy socio & economic variations as the developing countries are seeing, the issue of law-breaking & criminalism has acquired fresh dimension. Unintentional growth seems to create condition which, if not handled in time, inclined to be-criminogenic. Unintentional growth results imbalance, producing socio & economic conflict & unleash riotous force which are unmanageable for an orthodox guild to deal with.
A re-examination of criminal offense data for the last few year in India, distinctly indicates not only a general growth in crime grade but also emersion of novel style & form of illicit behavior which, thoughtfully apparent, have a far more negative consequence on socio & economic living condition of the communities. The arising immersion of population in city, as well as problem connected with scarcity in various sector of life has also vastly amplified the range for gathering fortune by crooked & illicit practice. As a matter of fact, technical advance, upgrading in the way of communications & the power of media have all inclined to build the modern day criminal offense more & more refined.
In the setting of multifaceted criminal scene, thejustice organization is forced with the accountability of fulfilling numerous demand for holding reasonable & fast judgments, fair handling to the dupes & to the culprits of offensive activity, which evidently involves for appraisal of the fundamental assumptions associating to offenses & penalty & the improvement of a co-ordinate scheme for handling all covering problem.
It will surely be justified in this connection if the authorities from the different sector of the justice organization are linked to a one assembly to talk about the problem of the criminal justice systems in integrality & to search some way & mean to solve these in a more effectual way. This is the main target which Crime & Justice aim to achieve.
To make the participant realize the dynamics of crime & criminal behavior .

Exposing the participant to new disputes of the criminal justice system & to search for their preventive & control strategy.

Enabling the participant to analyze the main problem in Juvenile Justice Systems

to familiarize this participant with the rising of dupe justice system in India.
to help fundamental interaction between the officials from variou sector of the criminal justice systems.

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