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Duration 1 Day
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    1 Day

Course programme

This program takes you a step ahead than the previous program. Along with handling Ayurvedic pathology, it includes subjects related to precautionary medicines, nutritional explanations, every day schedules, seasonal regimen, medicine dependence & its action, Ayurvedic analysis, physical imbalance, phases of sickness demonstration, energy center, important points, yoga, naturopathy & the Ayurvedic information of aphrodisiacs.

Lesson 1: Precautionary Medicines

* Precautionary Medicines as per Ayurveda
* Foodstuff, which can be consumed daily with no damage
* Maintenance of private cleanliness & every day routines
* Ayurvedic Seasonal Summary
* Seasonal schedules
* Drugs dependence & its Ayurvedic handling
* Remedial principles given in Ayurvedic text
* Significance of principles for avoidance of sicknesses
* Principles related to community actions of an individual

Lesson 2: Functioning of Identification

* Panch Nidana - Ayurvedic Identification
* Locating the major reason & treatment of the sickness
* Checking the discrepancy & power of doshas
* 6-phases of sickness demonstration
* Significance of ‘Sadvidh Kriyakaal’
* Treatment of diseases earlier than their expression
* 6 energy institutes & their significance
* 3 major nadis
* Kundalini
* Important spots in the body
* Categorization of marmas
* Value of marmas

Lesson 3: Detoxification Therapies

* Preface of the different kinds of therapy
* 3 Forms of Pancha karma therapies
* Snehana
* Svedana
* Major pancha karma or the pradhana karma
* Emesis & purgation therapies
* Nasya (nasal supervision) & Rakta mokshana
* Vasti karma (medicine enema)
* Various Kinds of vasti & their significance
* Samsarjana karma or the post-therapeutic regimen

Lesson 4: Transformation Therapies

* Significance of Rasayana therapies
* Function of rasayana in avoidance & treatment of sickness
* Forms of rasayana & the processes to take them
* Functions of vajikarna and the knowledge of aphrodisiacs
* Functions of vajikarna in avoidance & treatment of sickness
* Procedures & modes to take vajikarna medicine

Lesson 5: Yoga & Naturopathy

* Significance of Yoga in order to heal mind
* 8 divisions of Yoga
* Sat-karma & the inhalation exercise
* Significance of naturopathy
* Easy normal paths of curing sicknesses
* Naturopathy as Ayurvedic discipline
* Domestic cures for general issues

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