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909, Sec. 17B,Near IFFCO Chowk,, 122002, Haryana, India
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Starts On request
909, Sec. 17B,Near IFFCO Chowk,, 122002, Haryana, India
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Course programme

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp is a class mode two days intensive training program trained for those candidates planning to gain a quick fix but comprehensive Digital Marketing information and experience. The program structure is comprehensive and deals many factors of the digital marketing mix.

The program section are intense but very interactive doing all the fun training experience. The Digital Marketing Bootcamp is to give candidates the basic knowledge and skills necessary to plan and implement digital campaigns in the market.

A very significant section in the Bootcamp deals strategic changes in customer behavior and consumption of media because of the Internet. The new idea where "participatory brand consumers become candidates and partners using this method rather than passive receivers of a mega-trend of how things are progressing and changing. Moreover, in this case, the delivery a range of sessions covering Social Media Marketing, Search and Analysis of Digital Media planning and, of course, the still powerful and undervalued Email Marketing

Digital Marketing BootCamp Day Ist program pattern

Syllabus 1: Shift Happens

Highlights of the session: It is a warm-up session covering the basics principal of how online programs are modifying almost everything - Big changes happening on the media consumption and social interaction, the buying behavior brand, also include selling communications and brand.

In this program candidates will learn about these following course contents:

Understand Digital Marketing in India
Understand the fresh commitment model
Understand Online Economic
Participatory mark as an issuing idea
Understand Insights into the purchase, ownership and earned media
Understand Media Planning and working with Clients and Digital Agencies
Understand Major emerging digital channels
Understand Web 2.0 - what works and what does not
Learn how to Design, Create and Implement a Digital Advertising Campaign
Understand Media Planning and working with Clients and Digital Agencies

Training Outline: This segment is familiar to what is happening in the digital environment of today in India and the world - trying to understand the impact of modification and how to incorporate digital scheme at marketing ideas and campaigns.

Syllabus 2: Strategic Planning Online

Highlights of the session: In this section covers the screw of improving a digital strategy and planning framework. Develops "How to improve a compromise plan with the client, how to draw the digital path to purchase, how to make maps travel customers and develop a framework of indicators. This segment also deconstructs the jargon and myth surrounding the data communication preparation.

In this program candidates will learn about these following course contents:

Understand the Internet ecosystem
Understand commitment line funnel
Understand Incorporating Multimedia in the overall communications mix
Learn how to Handle online client behavior
Understand the key internet marketing metrics
Participatory brand - What is it and how to design and apply it
Understand Social influence marketing - how to plan, apply, measure SIM
Training Room and scheme preparation practice with the subject study.

Training Outline: Candidates will come away with a solid foundation in the fundamental of Internet scheme and planning. It would have a deep information of how to modify an innovative scheme using different types of frameworks, technology tools and techniques of the media.

Syllabus 3: Telecommunication Marketing

Highlights of the session: This segment covers both enormous opportunities and opportunities they face in this communication platform.

In this program candidates will learn about these following course contents:

Understand Cell telephony in India - the impact, opportunities and challenges
The iPhone phenomenon - a game changer Category
Understand Cellphone selling scheme - how its effectively work
Understand Cellphone advertisement formats - search screen, WAP
How to create and implement an email marketing campaign using currently available email applications
Learn how to integrate cellphone internet channel planning
Using all of the Social Networking products as part of your online marketing strategy
Planning and Implementing Online PR Strategy

Training Outline: This segment gives candidates a deep dive fast in the great opportunity presented by mobile as a media channel as a telecommunication device. The session will give candidates the knowledge needed to effectively idea and integrate a cellphone idea in the digital media mix larger.

Syllabus 4: Social Media Marketing (Part 1 & 2)

Highlights of the session: This segment covers the enormous influence of content and social media user-generated decisions on consumption. Understand how to track and map discussions influential core group, and how authentic seed information to help consumers make the right decisions.

In this program candidates will learn about these following course contents:

The age of Candidates, collaboration and co-creation
Learn what is social influence marketing?
Understand Monetary valuation of social media - the challenges and opportunities
Understand Integration of offline and online social media
Understand Technology platforms that monitor and analyze consumer discussions online
Facebook and Twitter best practices
Understand Online reputation management brand
Social media metrics

Training Outline: Gain an information of the most facets of social media marketing. Understand how to map and influence discussions in the ecosystem. Growth a strategy for SIM. Understand how to use blogs to improve client interaction and involvement with a brand item.

Syllabus 5: Digital Media planning, buying and implementing

Highlights of the session: This segment presents candidates s with an overview of the multimedia landscape from basic forms of online advertising buying and planning media campaigns. It also covers modeling of mixing and media online behavioral targeting areas is important from a marketing perspective results

In this program candidates will learn about these following course contents:

Understand the digital media landscape
Understand the role of publishers, ad exchange, ad networks, digital media agencies, ad serving companies, email providers, site optimizers, search engine companies on the internet and mobile networks - as every one of these play an important role in digital media planning
Understand Digital media and content formats
Development of a digital media strategy
Understand the digital channel planning and budgeting
Ad serving - Learn how it works and why it is so important in this field.
Understand Behavioral targeting
Understand Importance of landing pages
Understand Typical media campaign planning.

Training Outlines: Candidates will have the chance to learn the basics of media planning.

Syllabus 6: The search (SEO and SEM) + Web Analytic

Highlights of the session: This segment explains the basics of searching both SEM and SEO. Our intention through this session is to demystify the complexity and hype surrounding the participants in the search and help you learn to actually go about planning and evaluation of search campaigns. It also includes analysis of the pre-click and then click on the site metrics and analysis.

In this program candidates will learn about these following course contents:
Understand Search Marketing Landscape - the latest developments and trends.
Understand difference between organic and paid search
Understand demystifying Search
Google Ad words
Learn how search engines work
SEO Process Map
Site Optimization - complexities and challenges
Participation metrics - how to measure
Test - A / B and divide the multi-array techniques
Scorecards and dashboards
Learn how to improve site conversion
Web Analytic - vendors and platforms

Training Outlines: The key learning from this session is for participants to taste with the complexities of search marketing. This will also give them an understanding of the processes, tools and techniques and the creation of an SEO campaign. In this session, participants will come away with a deep understanding of web analytic and how to measure the site's online behavior of consumers.

Syllabus 7: eMail Marketing

Highlights of the session: This segment focuses on what message they might have lost its impact over the years. It will highlight how e-mail if used efficiently can provide great results at a very affordable cost.

In this program candidates will learn about these following course contents:

Understand E-mail is still a killer app?
Understand the enigma of frequency
Understand contact strategy
Creative Best Practices
Testing - how to get the most out of e-mail campaign
Permission and Privacy
e-mail platforms - from simple technology explosion robust software platforms
Learn how the Internet has Impacted Marketing
Learn about E-mail Marketing & Data Protection
Using Analytics to Enhance Visitor Experience and Navigation
Learn how to Design, Create and Implement a Digital Advertising

Training Outlines: The key learning here is how email still has an incredible opportunity to participate and the conversion of consumers. Also evaluates the best email practices and how Trigger messaging platforms can reduce effort, time and resources.

Syllabus 8: Group Exercise

Highlights of the session: This segment serves as a conclusion to all the participants have been learning about the program for 2 days. It is a highly competitive environment where groups can interact, strategist and plan for a collective solution.

Every team appoints a leader who in turn represent assumes the role of presenting a first line strategy in the intended task. The case subject material will be distributed to the workshop and through the sessions participants are encouraged to take notes on the development of a strategy and solution.

This time a great academic exercise and fun, because it makes the participants in their toes and as a group

The Program specially made for:
The Digital Marketing Bootcamp is suitable for those administrators who are comparatively fresh to the online marketing exercise, along with those related to the implementation of online marketing campaigns and programs.

This intensive two-day class on the rules of online marketing and perform as a effective practice manual for those in the forefront of preparation, growth and improving of online campaigns. The subject of the course runs through each one of the basic concepts and high stage and experience necessary to plan and apply digital campaigns. The internet marketing course is targeted to those with responsibility for developing or implementing an organisation's online/digital strategy, including senior management, marketing managers, communication specialists, webmasters and IT managers or those who would like to a pursue a career in online marketing.

Heads of Marketing
Marketing Directors
Marketing managers
Sells Executives
Brand Managers
Brand Executives
Account Directors
Account Managers
Marketing Consultants
Digital Sales Executive
Managers Business Development
Marketing Directors
Business Managers
Web strategists
Communication specialists
Marketing Executives
IT managers

The advantages of the program is
This program will provide candidates with the information of how to plan a digital marketing campaign from end to end using all the basic disciplines of the media social marketing for digital media buying and execution. For those candidates who are already in this online marketing filed, the breadth and depth of content delivered by our excellent faculty improve their overall skill sets such as lead digital practice

Program Certificate
Upon successfully completion of this Digital Marketing Bootcamp training program the Candidates will get a Certificate which is issue by our "The International Digital Marketing Institute"

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