Course in Environmental Biology and Toxicology

Bharathiar University
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Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, 641046., Tamil Nadu, India
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Starts On request
Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, 641046., Tamil Nadu, India
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Course programme

Environmental Biology course is designed to provide fundamental ecological principles
that provide a in-depth understanding of our natural world, the scientific basis for understanding
how environmental systems work, the environmental issues, environmental problems, effects and
solutions. This course also provides detailed information about environmental toxicology, which
provides a sound basis for understanding and formulating various measures to protect the health
and welfare of human population in the world. The course content of this paper is designed to
give a basic understanding of various aspects of environmental toxicology.

Unit - I
Ecosystem: Review of the concept of ecosystem - pond and Forest as examples of natural
ecosystem. Energetics in an ecosystem - Energy flow, Trophic level and structure in ecosystem,
Food chain, Ecological pyramids- Review of Bio-geo Chemical cycles.
Unit - II
Limiting Factors: Concept of Limiting factors - Liebig's law of the minimum - Shelford's law
of tolerance. Population and Community Ecology: Natality, Mortality, Growth rate as factors
determining the population density- Population interactions. Types of community - Structure -
Community Succession, Homeostasis.
Unit - III
Habitat Ecology: Freshwater habitat - Marine habitat - Estuarine habitat - Terrestrial habitat.
Unit - IV
Resource Ecology and Management: Concept - classification - Non-Renewable and
Renewable resources- Conventional and Non- Conventional source and energy - Conservation
and management.
Unit - V
General Principles of Toxicology: Introduction - Definition - Types - Scope of toxicology -
Recent developments - Types of environmental pollution and their biological effects - Air,
Water, Soil, Noise and Radiation pollution. Routes of Entry and Testing Procedures:
Introduction - Absorption - distribution - Excretion - Bio-transformation-Bioassay - Acute
toxicity - Chronic toxicity. Assessment of safety /risk.