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314 / B, Chinchwad Gaon Road., 411033, Maharashtra, India
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Course in Immunotherapy

The Lokmanya Holistic Centre emphasises integration of allopathic medicine with holistic approach to provide safer, eddective and gentle care to suffering patients. The treetment to the root cause of disease with natural medical systems such as Ayurved, Homeopathy, Yoga, Herbal therapy etc. id the KEY to improve quality of life and reduce the side effects of Drugs.

Cancer is getting common because of several factors, external as well as internal. Pollution, toxic wastes in environment, chemicals in food, air and water. Tobacco atmospheric radiation are some of the external factors, the internal factors one mutual stress, emotional conflicts, blocks due to negative attitudes, disappointment, frustration and deranged internal metabolism of body that forces the body to store the toxins in various organs. These external as well as internal factors interfere with normal immunity and can even lead to genetic mutation, which are the basis of malignant transformation of cells with persistent on slought of the offending factors, there comes a flash point starting the process of Cancer disease.

The present system of treatment in allopathic medicine usually considers only physical aspects of the disease. But cancer is a complex disease. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are currently the mainline treatments to deal with actual cancer tumour, once it is diagnosed.

Alternative system and medicine not one specific branch of medicine. It is abstract of different systems, prevalent in various parts of the world.

"Empower your own mind and body to fight your own disease" is a common basis for various alternative medical systems as they emphasize on disease prevention. It is a boon for cancer patients as it reduces and allows the patients to manage pain. It paves way to go at the root cause of the disease.

Hence Cancer Control Unit will be based on Holistic Science approach, where Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Nauturopathy, yoga, Accupressure, Acupuncture, and therapies like Massage, Exercise, Social group, Mind body Medicine techniques, Immunotherapy etc will be judiciously combined with Surgery, Chemotherapy to give Radiology fruitful results. Comprehensive cancer centres integrating mainline allopathic treatments with selected evidence based on natural alternative treatments have been started recently in America, Europe, Australia, Japan and many other developed countries.

Immunotherapy is the name given to Cancer treatment that use the immune system to attack cancers. Immunotherapy can be
Local or systemic (treating the whole body)
Non-specific or targetted.

Local immunity means treating only one part of the body. The best used example of local immunotherapy is in the treatment of bladder cancer.

Systemic immunotherapy is given to treat the whole body. It is more common and used to treat a cancer that may have spread. This type of treatment is most often used foe melansma and for kidney cancer.

Non specific immunotherapy: This means that the treatment is given to boost the immune system generally so that the treatment is given to boost the immune system generally so that it may become more effective in fighting cancer cells.

Targeted immunotherapy is now aiming at killing only cancer cells, leaving normal cells untouched.