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No. 1, Dr. Singaravelu Street, Pondy Bazaar, T Nagar, (near Krishna Sweets), 600040, Tamil Nadu, India
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Starts On request
No. 1, Dr. Singaravelu Street, Pondy Bazaar, T Nagar, (near Krishna Sweets), 600040, Tamil Nadu, India
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Course programme

Course Content:

Database Run through:

* Working with oracle
* DDL, DML, DTL statements
* Writing Basic SQL SELECT Statements
* Eliminating Duplicate Rows
* Restricting and Sorting Data
* Clause- where, group by order by
* Constrains- primary, not null, unique, check
* Single-Row Functions
* Joins: inner join, outer join, self join, natural join
* Indexes

Introduction to Data Warehousing:

* Data Warehouse Concept
* Differences between Transactional and Warehoused Data
* Data Warehouse Architecture
* Logical & Physical Design
* Difference between Data Warehouse & Data Mart
* Source Data, Staging Data & Target Data
* Operational Data Sources (ODS)
* Star Schema, Star FLAKE Schema & Snow Flake Schema
* Normalization and De-normalization
* Meta Data & Data Mining

Database Design and Modeling:

* Entity-Relation Model(E-R Model) for Transactional Database

* Defining Entities and their Relationship
* Distribution of Attributes under Entities
* Normalization of Entities
* Modeling Logical E-R Model using Erwin Tool
* Conversion of Logical Model into Physical Model
* Application of Business Rules
* Constraints, Triggers, Domains, Back-end Programs, etc.

* Dimensional Model (Star Schema) for Data Warehouse

* Defining Dimensions and Measures
* Defining Levers and Hierarchies
* Granularity of Data
* Introducing Star Flake Schema
* Introducing Snow Flake Schema
* Dimension Table and Fact Tables
* Fact less Fact Table
* Additive, Semi-additive and Non-additive facts
* Many-To-One-To-Many Traps


ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) Processes Using Informatica:

* ETL Basics
* Informatica Repository server configuration.
* Informatica server configuration
* Repository administration: Repository Creation, deletion, Backup & Restore
* Repository administration : Multiple Repository, Multiple Folders
* Repository Manager: Folder Creation, Deletion & Privileges Setup
* Repository Manager: User, Group & privileges Management
* Designer: Working with source analyzer, Defining Source from RDBMS, Semi-RDBMS, Flat file, XML File, Cobol File
* Designer: importing source and target meta datas
* Designer: Defining Target for staging database & for Data Warehouse
* Designer: Creating Cubes and dimensions
* Designer: Transformation Developer for Reusable User-defined transformation
* Designer: Mapplets for Reusable User-defined Mappings
* Designer: Mappings to apply Transformation Rules using 14 transformations
* Designer: Global referencing of objects across Folders & repositories
* Designer: Data Staging
* Work Flow Manager : Setting Up Server for repository
* Work Flow Manager: Creating Sessions and Batches
* Work Flow Manager: Scheduling Sessions and Batches
* Work Flow Monitor : Monitoring Sessions and Batches for Data Loading
* Work Flow Monitor : Troubleshooting Data Loading Errors
* Working with slowly changing dimension type1,type2,type3
* Working with slowly growing targets

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