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Typology Course
Location New delhi
Duration 1 Day
  • Course
  • New delhi
  • Duration:
    1 Day


Where and when

Starts Location
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New Delhi
35/21-22, Ground Floor, Front Side (Near Ramjas Park), West Patel Nagar,, 110008, Delhi, India
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Starts On request
New Delhi
35/21-22, Ground Floor, Front Side (Near Ramjas Park), West Patel Nagar,, 110008, Delhi, India
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Course programme

Melchizedek is an extremely superior method of working with our Christ awareness. It mechanisms at the cellular stage and thus can be active in varying our life-design wholly depending upon the level of knowledge and practices. Populace having actual change in their life-scripts act as a consequence of karmic curing performed by Melchizedek.

It assists in own-discovery, self-empowerment and the releases of older believed-systems and plans that surround in a restricted space. Its work out encourages unqualified love and sympathy inside us and raise our stage to the heavenly.

M.M. is studied in 6-Levels :
M.M. Level-1 & 2 joint-together
• Explaining of Holo-gram of Love
• Knowledge of 13-20-33 frequencies
• Union of Conscious Mudras
• Activate Chakras with Normal Time Encodes
• Merkaaba Method
• Meditation
• Learn Orbital Merkaaba of Love
• Open Mystery of Egypt
• Orbital Holo-gram of Curing
M.M. Level-3
• The 33rd Degree Adam-Kadmon-Chakra and Light-Body
• Learn KL Formulas for the 33-Bodies
• Sri-Yantra Spherical Flows
• Create Ankh
• Meet with Kamadon Grand-Master and one lakh forty four seniors
• Unity profusion Meditations
• 3-Initiations
M.M. Level-4
• The Superior Power-ball of Love
• Thought Mind-Clearing
• Hunab Ku and the 33-Light-Bodies
• The Omni-Merkaabah Activation-Meditation
• The Shiva Rings of Fire
• Pineal-Gland-Expansion
M.M. Level-5.1
• Metatronic Wave-form Antenna
• Orion is 5th Dimensions of Sun Meditations
• Abundance-Meditation
• The Formation of Water Meditation
• 33-Strand D.N.A. Meditations
• Daily-Routine
M.M. Level-5.2 & 5.3
• Cosmic-Spectrum-Kamadon Lights Chambers
• Galactic-Time-Waveform Patterns
• 888-Cosmic-Christ-Consciousness
• Photon-Spectrum-Molecule
• Lotus-Sutra-Activation
• Buddhism and Buddhist Symbols
• Avatar Spirit Foundation
• Everlasting Life Establishment
• Heavenly Logo Establishment
• Water-matrix
• Body-Talk and interior Body Messages
• Co-creations

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