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Duration 2 Days
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  • Mumbai
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    2 Days


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109 Mahavir Industrial Estate, Mahakali Caves Road, Paper Box, Andheri (E), 400093, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
109 Mahavir Industrial Estate, Mahakali Caves Road, Paper Box, Andheri (E), 400093, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Requirement for improved services & excellence, joined with price control & smooth designs have done efforts together to build a commercial atmosphere where management is not sufficient anymore. At present, Headship provides candidates the viable frame.


* Behave like a Chief & motivate passion
* Get Mastery in Headship Ethics and Headship Styles
* Building Headship tradition within the organization
* Handling Changes & Conflicts
* Building force, passion and wisdom of belongings
* Setting viewpoints & strong inspiring objectives
* Promote a tradition of constant advancements
* Create efficient and authorized groups
* Encouraging frankness in authorized Teams
* Developing efficiency & communication

Headship Challenges and developments:

* Definition of Headship in 21st century
* Recent patterns of Headship in spirited Marketplaces
* Shifting from administration to Headship
* Building a set of values
* Personal and team Behavior

Headship as disciple and Visionary:

* Present Challenge
* Dealing with Asia Pacific associations
* Exhibiting the viewpoint with strong Message
* Join the right information before articulating the viewpoint
* Stimulating a common viewpoint & receiving assurance

Headship as Individuality Aspect Magnetism:

* Effect of individuality on Communication
* Development of Headship Self-consciousness
* Revive the work force & enthusiasm

Headship as Ethic-Oriented:

* Building foundational Ethics and relating them with panel objectives
* Taking Hard Decision
* Acceptance of Uncertainty
* Emotions management
* Assessing Oneself & Groups’ Capability

Leadership as Team builder:

* How to handle non-contributing team members
* Overcoming Barriers to Delegation
* What turns a group of people into a team?
* Establishing team roles and structure.
* How to use team successes - and failures
* Enhancing the sense of belonging
* Motivating for Optimum Output
* Understand Different Motivators for Team Members
* Establishing Benchmarks and Performance Criteria
* Dealing with Conflict

Headship with Active Interaction:

* Learning Realistic & Efficient Communicational Methods
* Importance of Sentiments and its Control
* Determining and Building Approaches, Activities & Outlook
* Dialogue Upgrading Practice
* Selection of Correct Influential Words
* Dealing with Complex Circumstances

Headship as Output-Oriented:

* Clients Commands denotes Performance Commands
* Globalizations leading to Excellence Reassurance
* Greater Competitors & Smaller Revenue Margin
* Outputs verses Private Agendas

Headship as an Ideal:

* Performing in such a way that decides the Standards for accomplishments
* Distinguishing between handling a headship designation & really heading
* Various Headship Techniques
* Taking up Latest Trends
* Identifying Suitable Headship Techniques for all Circumstances
* Demanding & Altering the Present modes of Performing Tasks

Headship as Positive Factor:

* Building the Suitable Atmosphere and Situations
* Dynamic Changes
* Capability to Show Disagreement
* Dissimilarity b/w Confident and Insistent Behavior
* Sentimental & Balanced Behavior
* Constructive Attitude in Public, Product and profit

Headship as Manipulative Factor:

* Generating Enthusiasm & Anticipation
* Altering pessimistic attitude with constructive attitude
* Constructive Force & Your impact Inside the Organization
* Captivating Methods to make certain that your thoughts are Recognized & Implemented
* Modifying Organization Ethnicity & Supervising Employees
* Performance Management
* Discovering the art of influencing without Managerial Power

Ten excellent led employees can easily overshadow 30 employees that are not led properly. This course is specifically designed for TL, Managers and Administrators who manage teams.

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