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H. No.4, Pavani Villas, Dwarakapuri Colony, Panjagutta, , 500082


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People all over the world folk to India in search of the roots of AYURVEDA, the wonderful science, originated and widely practiced throughout India from time immemorial. By the time the world realized the fact THIS IS A GIFT OF GOD TO MANKIND, A SYSTEM WITHOUT SIDE EFFECT, A SYSTEM WHICH CAN CURE FROM ROOT CAUSE, AND A SYSTEM WHICH HAS TREATMENTS FOR ALL DISEASES, the precious knowledge acquired by our ancient Rishies, through their spiritual pursuit, and passed on to generations through GURU DISCIPLE ORDER got neglected with the incursion of modern civilization at the land this wonderful science originated.

There are extensive references on Ayurveda in RAMAYANA and Mahabharatha. Ravana, the richest emperor of Srilanka was a scholar on Ayurveda and Siddha Types of medicines and treatements, in THRETHA YUGA, which is more than sixteen lac years back.

AYURVEDA not only is a system of treatment, it is the SCIENCE OF LIFE which teaches the method to lead a successful and meaningful life, with strong and healthy body and mind.

The approach in this system is quite different from other systems. The people are broadly categorized by three humors- called VATHA, PITHA and KABHA. The medicines, food and routine are prescribed on the basis of these categories.

TREATMENTS in Ayurveda is not for the symptom of the affected part of the body, it is for the root cause of the same.


People are confused with this term. Everyone believes that Panchakarma therapy means 'massage'. As a matter of fact there is no 'massage' in Ayurveda Therapy. The systematic application of medicated oil is called 'massage' which actually is "Abhyangam".

Panchakarma means the five 'kriyas', which is to purify and eliminate the impurities from the body. They are:

1. NASYAM (application of small drops of medicine through nose)
2. VAMANAM (induced vomiting)
3. VIRECHANAM (purgation)
4. VASTHI (medicated enema)
5. RAKTHAMOKSHAM (blood letting)

Panchakarma is purification therapy.

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