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Location Mumbai
Duration 1 Day
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  • Mumbai
  • Duration:
    1 Day

This is an extreme adventure sport.
Suitable for: Anyone who is physically fit and above 16 years of age


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1st Floor, 'Ishkrupa', Near Bassein Catholic Co.Op. Bank, Gajbhat, Agashi. Virar West, 401301, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
1st Floor, 'Ishkrupa', Near Bassein Catholic Co.Op. Bank, Gajbhat, Agashi. Virar West, 401301, Maharashtra, India
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Frequent Asked Questions

¬∑ Requirements

Physical fitness level to carry 35 kgs of weight in a backpack for two minutes

Course programme

Para motoring is the simple, comparatively secure and most available form of powered aviation. The whole aircrafts fits into the wader of a small-car and can be brought together for flight in a few minutes.

A Para motor consists of a back-pack-style ultra light aircraft-engine also called as Para motor; connected to which is a normal Para glide wing. These Para glide wings are similar wings which are also flown, with no power, from hills and mountain.

Para motors can be securely flown from a region as small as a soccer field. The pilot obtains into the tie together and carries the engine on his back, does his on going checks, starting the engine, glancing at the laid out glider, opening power and in a few steps takes-off. Once taken off, the person gets height as long as the engine is on. When reached the expected height the candidate decreases power and maintains stage height. Now, the person can decide whether to keep on flying on the local field or to proceed on a cross-nation flight. The person has directions control and turns to directions by use of the control line. The person soars by opening power and tumbles down by decreasing power. Thus the candidate has all the essential maneuverability. For landing the person cuts power or keeps the engine working on inactive on his landing loom, tumbles down close to the land, burns and lands with a soft touch down in a few steps.

Flying-speed is classically around forty to fifty-five km/h targeting on the wind and the wing. Ten liters of fuel delivery three-hours flying time. In superior climate conditions, flights of over hundred kilometers can be with no trouble endeavored.

Flying-time may be comprehensive by gliding and towering, by use of lifts from thermal, or from air mounting over mountains, called as ridge lift. In this criterion, altitude may be preserved or achieved, with no use of the motor, thus preserving fuel. The motor may be switched-off; and again initiated in flight when needed.

If the motor occurs to give up in flight, the wing, which is fundamentally a glider, will drift the pilot softly and securely back to planet. In reality, it is usual practice to turn of the motor once the person is back on earth.

It is fun-flying a Para motor between 500-feet and 1000-feet above ground-level, though they are competent of flying as high as ten thousand-feet and more.

The mainly extensive used engine is a two hundred and ten c.c., single-cylinder, 2 stroke-engine; giving around twelve to fifteen horse-power. The total backpack unit generally weighs lesser than 25kilograms. The enhanced models sport a tuned exhausted system to boost-up power and performances, bringing approximately twenty-two to twenty-five horse-power, and approximately 70kg of stagnant thrust.