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Advertising and Public Relations and Event management has become the backbone of the corporate world and they all are interlinked. We offer integrated course wherein students can specials in the end of semester either in event management or public relations, but students will gain practical insights into the structure of the advertising industry, public relations and event management .They will learn the process of planning and monitoring an advertising campaign for any PR activity or for organizing an EVENT.

Advertising Agency:
You may be exploring the possibility of working in advertising or marketing. Equally, you may be looking to develop a business through advertising or be operating in a field where it's essential to understand the language of the advertising industry. This course covers all the areas required to meet your aspirations. Students will learn all the facets of television commercial advertising where one has to show the product in question in the most appealing fashion within 30 seconds. However, this profession requires intense analytical and original thinking.

Event Management:
Equally exciting and challenging is a career in event management. To respond to the current demand in the sector, the event management component of the course is designed to enable participants to develop an innovative and multi-skilled approach in planning and coordinating events. Whether you are working in an event management environment or your job description requires event planning and management, this course offers practical inputs.
Event Management is all about keeping an eye on details and running through checklists, time and again, to ensure timely delivery of the expected results.

Event Management Team helps its clients to manage their events right the from concept development stage through post-event follow-ups, by providing support in any, or all, of the following activities:

event specialists assist the clients with timeline creation through comprehensive checklists and manage every detail of their pre-event planning.

professionals assist clients in the creation of pre-event and post-event communications; working with them to source, attract, register, confirm, and remind the attendees about the event.

Event Management Team also helps in training, coaching, and pre-event rehearsals for clients' internal team and help them build the skills they need to ensure a powerful event that not only impresses the participants but also generates intense media interest.

professional event management team has extensive experience in organizing a wide variety of events including:

* Conference
* Exhibitions
* Seminars
* Workshops
* Briefing sessions
* Road shows
* Product launches

To compliment the promotional and presentation requirements of the event management sector, this course includes a substantial public relations module.

Effective public relation activities are a key requirement of most companies and organizations. This section is designed to give participants all the skills needed to operate in this area. Students will learn about the various aspects of public relation including sponsorship and community relations, based on an analysis of a range of public relations case studies and campaigns.
Career opportunities in public relations, advertising, and event management can exist on the client side and on the agency side. In some cases, public relations or event management may be a main job responsibility while other responsibilities may also be held in areas such as marketing, sponsorship, and sales promotion.

There's a saying people use to explain the difference between advertising and PR: "Advertising you pay for, PR you pray for." That's at the heart of the difference between the two closely related industries. When a client goes to an advertising agency, he's expecting the agency to put together a campaign to make people aware of his product or service. The work includes some creative effort along with a strategy for exposing it to as many people as possible - and he's willing to purchase media space to place the ads. When a client goes to a PR firm, he is also looking to communicate with the public. However, as opposed to an advertising representative, a PR agent has to convince a journalist to feature the client - without paying the journalist. And in the cases where a journalist has already decided to feature the client, the PR agent's job is to ensure that the client is portrayed in as positive a light as possible.

Publicity is great when you get it, because the public is more likely to believe a newspaper article or news story than an advertisement - but the catch is that publicity offers no guarantees.
Career Prospects and Remuneration

PR agency web sites and industry magazines are the best place to find information on specific agencies and job listings. PR Week and similar nationwide magazines usually rank agencies each year. Those in the business say the Internet is one of the best places to research agencies. For openings in book publicity, find out the names of PR directors in publishing companies and apply directly.
Political PR

For jobs in political PR, insiders say the best route is to get into the press office in any way possible, and say that "who you know" definitely helps you get your foot in the door.To identify the politicians you'd like to work for, decide what party you'd like to work for, and decide what level you want to work on. Once you decide what politicians you would like to work for, ask for informational interviews, and use the contacts you make to make further contacts As outlined in the 'Areas of Work' section, work can be found in government offices, private companies, advertising agencies, tourist resorts, hotels, banks and financial institutions, non-governmental organisations, private consultancy firms etc.

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