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INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT CALCUTTA Diamond Harbour Road Joka, 700104, West Bengal, India
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INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT CALCUTTA Diamond Harbour Road Joka, 700104, West Bengal, India
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Course programme

Course Objectives:
Qualitative Research is designed as an introductory course aiming at imparting basic skills to students to understand the nature of qualitative research procedures used in social science research including management. It is expected to enable students to appreciate the importance of qualitative research methods in a variety of contexts, and to judge when a research topic or a research question calls for qualitative research methods, and to select the appropriate research design depending on the nature of research questions. It discusses different ways of collecting qualitative data such as interview methods, case studies and participant observation with a view to cultivate skills required to conduct interviews, facilitate focus group discussions and undertake field research including ethnographic observation. It includes discussions of these techniques in terms of their uses, strengths, and limitations. The course also discusses ethical implications of qualitative research. The primary aim of the course is to create an understanding of where to use qualitative methods as also how to analyse qualitative data. At the end of the course, students should be able to understand basic purposes, approaches and challenges of qualitative research. The course seeks to enable students to critique published qualitative research output. However, given the time constraint, the course focuses on analysis and not data collection even as it explores the development and application of qualitative research designs and methods. The ultimate purpose of this course is to provide a feel of what qualitative research entails and how it can be integrated with other research designs.
Course Requirements:
Students will be required to submit a short research proposal based on their learning in the course. Being a project driven course, the maximum intake for the course would be twenty-five.

Pedagogy: The first half of the course (pre-mid-term) would be conducted primarily through classroom discussions of instances of published qualitative research. The second part is devoted to the formulation, preparation and presentation of individual/group research proposals.
Method of Evaluation:
Class Participation (20%)
Mid-term Examination (40%),
Seminar Presentation and Project Report (40%)
Course Outline and Readings
Introduction to Qualitative Research
Qualitative and Quantitative Research: Contrasts and Complementarities
Holliday, Adrian. 2007. Doing and Writing Qualitative Research (Second Edition). London: Sage Publications; "Approaching Qualitative Research" (pp. 1-21).
Gibbs, Graham. 2007. Analyzing Qualitative Data. London: Sage Publications; "The Nature of Qualitative Analysis" (pp. 1-9).
Overview of Qualitative Methods
Flick, Uwe. 2007. Designing Qualitative Research. London: Sage Publications; "From an Idea to a Research Question" (pp. 16-23).
Flick, Uwe. 2007. Designing Qualitative Research. London: Sage Publications; "Qualitative Research Designs" (pp. 36-50).
WEEKS 3 & 4
Participant Observation and Ethnography: Dilemmas and Challenges
Fielding, Nigel. 2008. "Ethnography", In Gilbert, Nigel. (ed.). 2008. Researching Social Life. Los Angeles: Sage Publications, (pp. 266-84)
Upadhya, Carol. 2008. "Ethnographies of the Global Information Economy: Research Strategies and Methods", Economic and Political Weekly, April 26, pp. 64-72.
Case Studies
Stake, Robert E. 2008. "Qualitative Case Studies", In Denzin, Norman K. and Yvonna S. Lincoln (eds.). Strategies of Qualitative Inquiry. London: Sage Publications (pp. 119-44). WEEK 6
Interviewing Techniques: Issues and Concerns
Focus Groups Discussion
Fielding, Nigel and Hilary Thomas. 2008. "Qualitative Interviewing", In Gilbert, Nigel. (ed.). Researching Social Life. Los Angeles: Sage Publications, (pp. 245-65)
Cronin, Ann. 2008. "Focus Groups", In Gilbert, Nigel. (ed.). 2008. Researching Social Life. Los Angeles: Sage Publications; Nigel Fielding: "Ethnography" (pp. 226-44)
Applying Qualitative Methods to Management and Organisation Studies
Select Articles from the Journals: Organization, Organization Studies and Organizational Research Methods (to be announced in the class)
Writing and Publishing Qualitative Research
Silverman, David. 2006. "Writing Your Report" (Chapter 10) in Idem. Interpreting Qualitative Data: Methods for Analyzing Talk, Text and Interaction. (Third Edition), pp. 336-45
Wolcott, Harry F. 2001. Writing Up Qualitative Research. London: Sage Publications.
Issues of Validity and Reliability in Qualitative Research
Ethical Concerns
Thakur, Manish K. 2006. 'Ethical Issues in Social Research', Indian Journal of Social Work, 67 (1&2): 182-99.
Student-driven Discussions and Presentations
Student-driven Discussions and Presentations

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