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Swami Ramesh Chandra Shukla Reiki, Kundalini, Yoga Training & Therapy Center C-3, Sector C.S, Aliganj Housing Scheme P.O. Niralanagar, Sitapur Road, 226020

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The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words Rei which means God's wisdom or the Higher Power and Ki which is "Life Force Energy". So Reiki is actually spiritually guided life force energy. It was originally discovered in Japan around 1914 by Mikao Usui who called it "The Secret Art of Inviting Happiness". The Usui system of Reiki is the most simple and natural healing method. An amazingly simple technique to learn, the ability to use Reiki is not taught in the usual sense, but is passed on to a student during a Reiki workshop. This allows the student to tap into an unlimited supply of "life force energy" to improve his health and enhance his quality of life. Healing with the energy of your hands, this healing source is called Reiki

Reiki is a great complement to all kinds of medical treatment. This includes conventional medicines, chiropractic, homoeopathic and herbal. Reiki does not introduce any substance into the body and works largely by supporting the body's ability to heal itself. Reiki is a modern way to relieve stress, improve your health, inner growth and stay youthful.

Reiki Energy

The term Reiki means the divine healing love and more over as a complementary thearpy. It can also be regarded as a spiritual journey on a life path. The divine power Reiki works to heal the physical, subtle and causal levels. Reiki enables the soul to shed its mortal identification and enables it to realize the spiritual nature of the oneness with the Absolute. Reiki Touch: People touch you but they never touch you in reality. They touch only on the periphery and you are somewhere deep in the centre where none enters except love. When I touch you I just become the touch. My whole being touches. I am totally in tune with touch. It is total. That touch is my being. Remember totality is always energy. My presence heals. Healing is not done it happens. There is a strong connection between the hands and the heart. As heart opens up through Reiki, the hands know what to do and there is no need for interference from the mind. Reiki will induce Alpha or Alpha-Theta brain wave state in both the giver and the recepient.
The use of Intent in Reiki:

Once your intent is crystal clear, energy can flow freely though you so there is a great value of your healing intention in Reiki

Human Energy Field

Human beings are composed of an interconnected system of physiology, psychology and vibrational energy fields that are constantly interacting with each other. We are more than just a physical body. We have an energy body consisting of aura (energy field), the chakras (energy centers) and the meridians (energy pathways). We take food to nourish our body and give it energy; our energy body also does the same. The energy field takes energy in, the chakras break it down and the meridians distribute it throughout the body. The human energy field is a multi layered system of inter connected spiritual energies. The energy of our physical body, our thoughts, emotions, and our spiritual centre, all vibrate at a certain frequency. These vibrations or pulsations create a field around themselves which is often referred to as an aura or energy field. The aura is an information centre and a highly perceptual system that transmits and receives messages from the external and internal environment. Healthy Chakras rotate oval rather than in circle. Feeling is healing. "You cannot heal what you cannot feel." The more we immerse ourselves in Reiki energy and it becomes a part of our daily life, the more we learn about Reiki's limitless healing potential. Where the intention goes Reiki flows. What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Reiki is nothing but concentrated love.

How Does Reiki Work?

We are alive because life force is flowing through us. Life force flows within the physical body through pathways called chakras, meridians and nadis. It also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura. Life force nourishes the organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions. When this flow of life force is disrupted, it causes diminished function in one or more of the organs and tissues of the physical body.

Energy is Never Depleted

The Reiki practitioner's energy is never depleted. In fact, the Reiki considers both practitioner and client and their need of healing. Giving a Reiki treatment always increases one's energy levels.

* The Attunement: The ability to give Reiki treatment is acquired by receiving an attunement. It is necessary that we should take permission of the Higher self of the person to whom attunement is given.
* The Lineage: All Reiki healing methods and Reiki Teachers are part of the lineage leading back to the founder of the healing system, meaning thereby that the method has been passed on from teacher to student.
* Spiritual Guide: Reiki does not require the practitioner to guide the energy with the mind as it is automatically guided by the higher intelligence.
* Harmless: Reiki is a simple technique applied with light pressure or without touching and can do no harm to the practitioner or the patient as this energy is guided by Higher Power.

Reiki is represented by two organizations based in USA. One is the American International Reiki Association founded in 1982 and the other is The Reiki Alliance founded in 1981. A number of Reiki teachers in the west are calling themselves "Sensei". The term is used to denote mystical qualities of the teachers.

Reiki Attunement

The Attunement Method: Reiju is a Japanese name for attunement and is performed without mantras and symbols. But Chujiro Hayashi made the Reiju more powerful by including the symbols and mantras into the process. Attunement is a familiar word for those of us who use Reiki. Jaclyn Stein Henderson in her book "The Healing Power of Attunement Therapy" has described its therapeutic use also but a Reiki attunement is really an ancient spiritual method of empowerment where a teacher transfers energy and existential knowledge to student through a form of initiation. Remember Reiki is not knowledge-based, it is experienced based. You cannot acquire the ability to channel Reiki by reading books on Reiki. The ability to give Reiki treatment is acquired by receiving an attunement rather than by developing the ability through the use of meditation and other exercises. First degree attunement is focused mainly on opening up the physical body so that it can accept greater quantities of life force energy. The four attunements of first degree raise the vibratory rate of our four energy centers known as chakras. The second degree attunement provides a quantum leap in our vibratory level. It is almost four times greater than the first degree. The three symbols which are taught in second degree also become activated. In second degree great emphasis is on adjusting the ethereal body rather than a physical body. In this attunement third eye is greatly affected. This third degree attunement is used to initiate a Master. This attunement amplifies the vibratory power and activates the Master symbol. After the attunement process in each degree the students should undergo a 21 day cleansing. Reiki healing attunements can also be given for a healing purpose. It brings in higher frequency healing enegies which are more powerful and effective than the regular Reiki Treatment.

The Methods of Attunement: There are basically three procedures used for attunements used by various Reiki masters. (1) The first method is that which is followed by the Reiki Alliance USA known as Reiki Alliance Method. (2) The second method is that given by David Gerald known as "THE DAVID GERALD METHOD". (3) The third method is given by Diane Stein known as "Diane Stein Method" or the Combined Method. Incorporating the salient features of above three methods Grand Master Swami Shukla has developed a unique Reiki attunement method for Reiki initiation which includes six symbols TMS, UMS, Distant, Mental, Power & Raku. His Reiki initiations at each level is as below :

1. Reiki I - This level includes 4 sacred initiations rituals. The initiation is called Reiju.
2. Reiki II - This level includes 2 sacred initiations rituals. The initiation is called Okuden.
3. Reiki III - This level includes 1 sacred initiation ritual. The initiation is called Shinpiden.
4. Master level - This level includes 2 sacred initiation riruals. The initiation is called Gokoi Kaiden.

Reiki Grandmaster

The term Reiki Grandmaster was never used by Mikao Usui or Chujiro Hayashi. It came into being with the advent of the Reiki alliance Phylis Lei Furumoto Hawayo Takata's grand daughter received this title in 1983.

In fact a Reiki Grandmaster is not a person but a presence. Do not be confused with his title. It is not an egoistic assertion. As his ego has gone he is no more a doer but a channel. He is simply a flute on the lips of the divine having no song of his own. For him Reiki is a love affair with life, love affair with the person he is teaching or treating and love affair with the cosmos. He is not a teacher but a magnetic force, a magnetic field of positive energy, of presence.

Reiki Techniques

As far as Reiki techniques are concerned we can classify them into two categories.

1. Japanese Reiki Techniques.
2. Western Reiki Techniques.
3. Other Techniques.

These meditations, exercises and techniques will add insight, depth and power to your Reiki practice.
Japanese Reiki Techniques

* Gyoshi-Ho Technique:
* A Japanese technique for losing weight known as the Crane Method
* The Dry Bathing Technique
* The Hara Centre Technique
* Enkaku Chiryo Ho: Distant Healing
* Gyoshi Ho: A method of healing by staring
* Hado Ko Kyu Ho: A method of vibrational breathing
* Hado Meiso Ho: A method of vibrational meditation
* Hatsurei Ho: A method of generating spiritual energy
* Heso Chiryo Ho: A method of healing at the navel
* Jiko Joka Ho: A method of self purification
* Kenyoku Ho: A method of dry bathing or brushing off.
* Koki Ho: A method of sensing Ki with the breath
* Nentatsu Ho or Sei Hei Ki Chiryo Ho: A method of sending thoughts.
* Reiji Ho: A method of being guided by spirit
* Oshite Chiryo Ho: A method of using pressure with hands.
* Nadete Chiryo Ho: A method of stroking with hands
* Reiki Mawashi: A current of spiritual energy.
* Reiki undo: Movement of spiritual energy
* Seki Zui Joka Ibuki Ho: A method cleaning the spinal cord with breath
* Saibo Kassei Kokyo Ho: A method of vitalizing the cells through breath
* Tanden Chiryo Ho: A detoxifying and purifying method
* Seishin Toitsu: Creating a unified mind, soul and intention
* Uchite Chiryo Ho: A method of patting with hands
* Shuchu Reiki: (also called Shudan Reiki) In this technique several practioners work on one person
* Ketsue Ki KoKan Ho: Blood exchange method and Zen Shin Ko Ket Su Ho is know as whole body exchange or cleansing. If the client has diabetes, reverse the direction of the sweeps beginning at the base of the spine and working up towards the neck.
* Joshen Ko Kyu Ho: Focusing the mind on one thing with breath.

Western Reiki Techniques

* Chakra balancing
* Chakra Kassei Ko Kyu Ho: Breathing method to activate the chakras.
* Chanting: Enhancing the qualities of symbols with sound of mantras.
* Crystal Healing with Reiki
* Crystal Grid
* Psychic Surgery
* Distant Healing or distant Reiki
* Group Distant Healing
* Group Reiki: Healing with Reiki in a group
* Grounding Healing the Past and Future
* Reiki box
* Reiki Shower: A cleansing technique that increases energy flow in the body
* Scanning: Sensing imbalances in the energy field
* Smudging: Using the vibration of smell to affect energy
* Toning: A method of using the voice as healing tool.
* Dry bathing technique:
* Violet Breath: Non-traditional breath technique used with attunement process
* Hui Yin Breath: Non-traditional breath technique used with attunement process.
* Shamballa Multi dimensional healing technique.
* Golden triangle healing system.
* Talisman: A method of manifesting using an image as the focus Water
* Ritual or Mizohari: Charging water into energized healing water
* Seventh Level Technique: Activating the gateway charka that is situated where the neck meets the base of the skull.
* Power Sandwich: Increases effectiveness of hands on or distant treatments. This technique is prescribed with the belief that symbol activates other symbols.
* Reiki Aura Cleaning: Cleaning the aura of heavy energy.
* Reiki Dance
* Reiki Drumming
* Creative Visulaisation techniques
* Guide Meditation: Meet your Reiki guide and make contact with higher being Communicating with your higher self
* Antakaran: A non-traditional Reiki healing symbol.
* Reiki Boost: Balances and harmonizes the chakras allowing a greater flow of Reiki energy in the body. It is also called quick treatment.
* Spiritual response therapy (SRT): It is an ancient form of healing which operates at the soul level. Many ailments we suffer with have their energies rooted in past life and these ailments are part of our cellular memory and they re-manifest in our present life time too. By SRT we can release these blocks of cellular memory of past life negative energy.
* Reiki Essences : The Reiki essences appear to work on a very deep level. Qualified training in making, selecting and applying the Reiki essences is necessary for a Reiki Practitioner. He should also understand the healing and growth process triggered by the Reiki essences.

Other Techniques

* Candle Ritual with Rainbow Reiki.
* Crystal Fountais with Rainbow Reiki.
* Distant Healing Treatment on Telephone.
* Homoeopathic Touch with Reiki (Sai Sanjeevini).
* Lost object finding technique.
* Plant communication with Reiki.
* Reiki for Higher Self and Inner Child.
* Reiki Alarm Clock.
* Charging Bath Water, Foods & Drinks with Reiki.
* Karma Cleansing with Reiki.
* Future Situations Treatment with Reiki.
* Animal Treatments with Reiki.
* Sex with Reiki.
* Deprogramming with Reiki.
* Reiki for Electrical & Electronic Appliances.
* Activitating Healing Stones.
* Glass Technique
* Cheque Technique
* Find Your Soul Mate with Reiki

Now a days there are five Reiki systems known internationally.

* Usui Traditional Japanese Reiki
* Tibetan - Tantric Reiki
* Keruna - Prakriti Reiki
* Sekhem - Seichism Reiki
* Komyo Reiki

Course in Reiki

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