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Location New delhi
Duration 1 Day
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  • New delhi
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New Delhi
35/21-22, Ground Floor, Front Side (Near Ramjas Park), West Patel Nagar,, 110008, Delhi, India
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Starts On request
New Delhi
35/21-22, Ground Floor, Front Side (Near Ramjas Park), West Patel Nagar,, 110008, Delhi, India
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Course programme

Reiki (marked as ray-key) is a put down - on hands curative method that is one of the oldest form. It is very easy yet extremely influential method that can be with no trouble erudite by anybody.

The expression Reiki arrives from two-Japanese words “Rei & Ki”. “Rei” meaning Universal and “Ki” is known as the life-force. It is also known as very important life-force or the Universal life-force.

Reiki can be explained as spiritually instructed Life Forces Energy. Reiki is a particular type of Life-Force that can only be done by somebody who is familiar to it.

Life-Force acts as a vital role in the whole lot done by us in our daily life. It animates the body and also is the main power of our feelings, thinking and spiritual-life.

Reiki is the decisive way to self-healing; self-realizing; and to stabilize anybody's life according to the Grace of the Universe.

There are various levels of Reiki that are discussed below:

• Preface to Reiki
• The past of Reiki
• Knowledge of Universal phases and energies
• Reiki Fundamentals
• Explaining chakras
• Chakra-meditation
• Hands position for self-healing
• Familiarity of Level-I
• Preface of Three-Reiki Signs
• Usage of symbols
• Distance-healing
• Scan or Heal Chakras
• Cleaning - self, others & surrounding
• Beams
• Familiarity of Level-II
Reiki - Level III A
• Preface of The Usui Master Sign
• Reiki Movement Meditations
• Reiki Meditations - Manifestation of Objectives
• The Reiki Grids
• Psychic-Surgery
• Contracting the Hui-Yin
• Familiarity of Level-IIIA
• Preface of 2 Tibetan signs
• Reiki-IIIB Meditations with 6-Symbols
• Detailed explanations of all types of signs
• Violet-Breath
• The Healing Familiarity
• The Familiarity Procedure at all Stages
• Familiarity of Level-IIIB
• Usui-Reiki-Lineage
• Reiki and the Mahayanaa and Vajrrayana Buddhism
• 40-Breaths Meditations
• Ground Exercises and Heals of the Earth
• Brain-Balancing
• More than sixty strong signs and their usage
• Various Healing Methods
• Far-away Psychic Surgery and Cleansing
• Work with Ascended Master, Guide and Angel
• Reiki Grandmaster Familiarity

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