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826, Shukravar Peth, Gadikhana Chowk, , 411002, Maharashtra, India
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826, Shukravar Peth, Gadikhana Chowk, , 411002, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

This program is mainly designed for those candidates who have very good interest in selling the products of the organization. It motivates people in selling techniques and help them to develop the skill in a proficient manner. This course is very beneficial to learn the amazing techniques of selling the products of the company in a better way. It teaches the best methods of increasing sales of the company which will automatically increase the turnover and sales of the company. Any person seeking interest in such field can get himself enrolled into this program to strengthen the skills and learn much more new methods as given in the curriculum. With this superior course person spends all his time with jewels and gems which surrounds him with various good looking ornaments and give him a feeling of happiness all the time.

This profession is mainly based for social networks. So the learner needs to be comfortable, amicable, enthusiasm should be there while dealing with the client so as to convince him for creating interest in the jewelery. Convincing must not be forcing the customer to purchase the product. While dealing with the client, the sales person must have thorough knowledge of what is being sold by the salesperson. A person with good knowledge and understanding can serve always better. Politeness and friendliness while dealing with the customer is must so that there is no negativity in the mind while the client is interacting with the company’s person.

Before selling the prduct, the person should know the detailed history of what is being sold and good presentation skills must to known by the person in this profession.
This program is designed to fulfill all the criteria required to be there in the sales person while selling the jewelery and gems to the client. A person must be adaptable and should have the ability to work with different types of jewelery at a time with different people. While dealing with clients good relationship must be built up so that there is an assurity of bringing the customer back again to the shop or organization. One must look into fulfilling the needs of the client to the maximum extent.

The knowledge that is required before selling the product is to have some prior experience of selling the product at the preliminary level. A candidate must attend seminars and conferences related to selling and retailing. Computer must be learnt by the person who wants to excel in this field. Jewelery experience and training under the senior level is also required.

The main functions of the executive person are to understand the needs of the customer so as to fulfill what exactly is required by the client. A good seller is one who has good listening techniques. After knowing about their wants the person must be able to express himself in such a way that doesn’t take much time of the client and gives the best suited ornaments. After ananlysing the needs of the customer the sales person evaluates the skills and methods learnt in the teaching level. Their aptitude to systematize the information they collect, and to outline out their client’s superiorities, help them be influential without over-pressuring populace to purchase. Victory also lies at least in part on a status for moral behavior.

Tasks performed by the salespersons are more likely merchandize or display the store’s jewelry, serving path the stock, maintaining patron records, and support with particular in-store proceedings. The knowledge of the product is very much in demand in the market. One must be very well familiar with handling jewelry properly, helping the client in wearing in it and accessing the process of displaying. All the responsibilities must be done in a systematic manner so that client doesn’t have any bad impression of the sales person. After completion of the program, the candidate is offered certificate and diplomas as their reward or achievement which brings pleasure in their career.

While selling of the product the successes are usually simple to compute, and the rewards tangible. Concluding a sale, or achieving a daily taget with the smile on a client’s face explains that the work performed by the person is appreciable.But it becoming quite saddening when after doing all good the sales person doesn’t sell the product. Irritation and dissatisfaction are at times part of the profession. Victorious sales professionals must not get low-hearted when they don’t achieve their targets. There should always be hope for achieving better to grow in the organization. With the willpower to study from each encounter, upcoming triumph is guaranteed.

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