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Location New delhi
Duration 1 Day
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  • New delhi
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    1 Day


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New Delhi
35/21-22, Ground Floor, Front Side (Near Ramjas Park), West Patel Nagar,, 110008, Delhi, India
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Starts On request
New Delhi
35/21-22, Ground Floor, Front Side (Near Ramjas Park), West Patel Nagar,, 110008, Delhi, India
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Course programme

Su-Jok was discovered by Prof. P.J. Woo, a well-known Korean-Philosopher and Scientist. This treatment is a novel loom to treatment. This therapy is a part of Onnuri-Medicine is a scheme of treatment inclusive of a diversity of methods to avert and heal sickness and reinstate fitness with no use of drugs. The academic basis of this scheme of curing is the detection of Self-Regulation-Homo-Energy-System of Human-Being Body whereby every hand and feet and other location of Human-Body carry knowledge of every organ of human-body.

The Hands and Feet structurally being mainly alike to the Human-Body, these matching micro points or areas can consequently are used most expediently and efficiently as remote controls to pleasure any sickly organ or part in the human-body.

In Korean-language S.U. defines hands, and J.O.K. defines foot. The theory basis of this system of curative is the detection in every hand and foot, form and point matching to every part of human-body. These matching micro-points (systems) in hand and foot can therefore be utilized expediently and efficiently as remote power to take care of any unhealthy organ or branch in human-body.

Su-Jok is studied in 3-Levels :
Basic Program-Acupressure
• Define Su-Jok
• Past of this therapy
• General Structure and Physiology
• Yin and Yang Fundamental
• Five-Elements Principles and Creation of Five-Energies
• Micro and Macro equivalent System
• Color-Therapy
• Basics of Energy Treatment
• Techniques of Treatments
• Usage of Diagnostic Probes and Applications of Seeds
• Usage of Moksha
• Precaution in Treatment
• Stages of Treatments
• Basic-Treatment with Colors and Seeds for definite sickness
• Yin and Yang Standard
• Preface of Meridian
• Byol Meridian and Long Byol Meridian
• Direction of Flows of Energy
• Create Cycles
• Sub-jugation and Anti-Subjugations Formula
• Preface of Six-Ki
• Local Diagnosis
• Rents (Branch-treatment) & Sub-Renting
• Techniques of Needles
• Tri-origin Theory
• Tri-origin Models
• Tri-origin Sequences (1-4-Sequences)
• Body-Organs1-4Sequences
• Classic-Meridians 1-4 Sequences
• Diamond-System
• Spiral-Net-Energy-System
• Yoga-System
• Chakras with Six-Energy Division
• Chakras 1-4-Sequences (Diamond-System)
• Twist-Therapy
• Breathing-Therapy
• M-particles

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