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Typology Course
Location New delhi
Duration 1 Day
  • Course
  • New delhi
  • Duration:
    1 Day


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New Delhi
35/21-22, Ground Floor, Front Side (Near Ramjas Park), West Patel Nagar,, 110008, Delhi, India
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Starts On request
New Delhi
35/21-22, Ground Floor, Front Side (Near Ramjas Park), West Patel Nagar,, 110008, Delhi, India
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Course programme

Tarot is a wheel of life that unites to our communal perception, which replicates our alert, sub-conscious and unaware phases. The tarot-pack consists of 79-cards of which 22 are the main arcana, fifty-six are the minor arcana and one Master-Card.

Arcana explains mysteries so the chief arcana are the superior mysteries of life, these are the major teachings which can't be controlled. They perform as guide to inner-development, they portray universal forces within the people that are alluring to express to, or throughout us. Our superior person may be getting them to our notice as we develop in our religious voyage towards completeness.

The minor arcana cards are the smaller mysteries. They inform us extra about our every day's tasks.

The mystic of tarot-cards unite astrology, numerology, symbols and the occult to add impending in the time periods as well as horizons.

Diverse Decks taught are as follows:

Osho-Zen, Alister-Crowley, Egyptian-Cards, Oracle-Cards and so on.

Osho-Zen Work-shop includes:
• Preface to Tarot cards
• Connection of Tarot with Conscious, Subconscious and cataleptic Mind
• Meditations
• Major and Minor Arcana
• Explanation of all Cards
• Color symbology and Elemental study
• Different Types of spreads or layouts
• Channeling, Curing with cards
• Counseling and Guidance
Thoth-Deck Work-shop includes:
• Preface to the cards
• Major and Minor Arcana
• Zodiac-signs and their Astro-logical explanations
• 7-planets and their explanations
• Wide Descriptions of Cards
• Prediction, Counseling & Guiding.
• Trees of Lives
• Meditations, Channels & Curing.

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