Course in TV Anchoring and Broadcast Journalism

Himgiri Nabh Vishwavidyalaya
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Typology Course
Location Dehradun
Duration 1 Year
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  • Dehradun
  • Duration:
    1 Year


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Shishambada, P.O. Sherpur, Near Selaqui, 248197, Uttaranchal, India
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Starts On request
Shishambada, P.O. Sherpur, Near Selaqui, 248197, Uttaranchal, India
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Course programme

Nowadays, TV & radio propagation has turn out to be an essential feature of our daily lives. Still educated people in this area are tough to find out. Since various TV channels are coming into existence at extraordinary speed, specialized people will be high in demand in near future.

The degree concentrates on the emotional determining factors of effectual interaction, fundamental articulation & delivery, accent intonation, camera openness & script writing. Learners obtain a foundation in Communicational hypothesis, following which they gain knowledge of facing camera with buoyancy. Learners will be trained with diverse hosting procedures like process of covering & conducting happenings diverse circumstances like covering political events is quite different from covering superstar, sports & criminal events.

The degree program can be completed in a year.

Admission Criteria: An applicant must have cleared his/her secondary education (minimum). However, Bachelor’s degree holders will be given preference.


Television 001: Communication: conceptions, procedures & tasks
Television 002: Interpersonal, Team & Mass-interaction
Television 003: Verbal, non verbal and image interaction
Television 004: Communicational Patterns & the recent movements in expansion of individual interaction hypothesis
Television 005: Community, Traditions & interaction media
Television 006: Source & development of group media
Television 007: Facts requirements, Styles of man actions influence, inspiration & activities
Television 008: Talking & Interaction
Television 009: Talking, group media & public
Television 010: Verbal Communication
Television 011: Interaction Kinetics
Television 012: Debating before the Public
Television 013: Interpersonal Interaction
Television 014: Group Construction
Television 015: Conventional & Modern AV media
Television 016: Video as communicational media
Television 017: Movies as of mass communicational media, movies in before and after independence era, variety of regulations ruling movies, boundary of movie trade with govt., authoritarian methods, movies as budding overseas products
Television 018: Arrangement & Categorization of an ideal Performace
Television 019: Training & usage of AV tools
Television 020: Admiration of performing creativity, song and theatre: fundamental usage of music in societal artistic interaction
Television 021: Admiration of plastic & Mythical art comprising painting, sculpture & poetry
Television 022: Societal Investigation Style
Television 023: Meaning, Range & Significance
Television 024: Examination Designing
Television 025: Quantitative Procedures of designing
Television 026: Testing Procedures
Television 027: Official & Casual Agendas
Television 028: Arranging a Feedback Form
Television 029: Information Compilation Procedure
Television 030: Information Arrangement
Television 031: Investigating information & statement arrangement
Television 032: Assignment Classification
Television 033: Document Presentation
Television 034: Press Background & Expansion
Television 035: E-media expansion
Television 036: Customary folk Medium
Television 037: Recent Interaction Procedures
Television 038: Illustration Opinion & Illustration Influence
Television 039: Conceptions & tasks of graphical interaction
Television 040: Designing Ethics
Television 041: Type Analyze & its faces
Television 042: Colors usage in designs
Television 043: Designing functions: layouts, logos, TM and so on
Television 044: Conventional & Modern AV media
Television 045: Video as communicational media
Television 046: Movies as of mass communicational media, movies in before and after independence era, variety of regulations ruling movies, boundary of movie trade with govt., authoritarian methods, movies as budding overseas products
Television 047: Preface of Broadcast journalism
Television 048: Interacting with the audience- Performance Seminar
Television 049: Significance of study in creating a story or a programme & the noticeable & unseen aspects that a person can come across to while creating a healthy & impartial programme

2nd Module:

Television 051: Editorial Conference: Process of participating & conducting them
Television 052: Taking Interrogation Rounds for Broadcasting
Television 053: Performing Commentary for Board Debate
Television 054: Assignment Tender Preparation
Television 055: Manufacture Pricing
Television 056: E-News Congregation Cams - What it is, how it works, how to handle it and how to take care of it, various types of shots and how to take them
Television 057: Digital Cams: Diversity of Digital Cam from analog cams, its merits and demerits
Television 058: Resonance Booth & familiarizing with different kind of mike in diverse circumstances
Television 059: Opinion in image & usage of Narrative boards
Television 060: Site Shoot
Television 061: Recce
Television 062: Directing with Solo Cam
Television 063: Directing with Multi Cam
Television 064: Studio Screenplay
Television 065: Studio Rehearsal & Dictations
Television 066: Fundamental Lighting for TV
Television 067: Lumbering by means of time regulations
Television 068: Video Cutting
Television 069: Digi Cutting
Television 070: Graphic Usage
Television 071: Story-telling
Television 072: Post Creation
Television 073: TV news Programme -Hypothesis & Exercise (Enumerating a variety of vocations. For instance, in editorial, direction, production support department)
Television 074: Organization Objects: Collection & Choosing
Television 075: Write ups for TV News
Television 076: Write ups to Image
Television 077: Place Coverage & Section to Camera
Television 078: TV News Programme Performance
Television 079: Homework of a TV News Programme
Television 080: Developing & Treating a Publication write up
Television 081: Up-coming styles in IT & their influence on communicational technologies
Television 082: Internet as a research instrument
Television 083: Fundamental website designing with specific stress on arranging manuscript, silences, animation & sound on the websites
Television 084: Internet Scripting
Television 085: Public Relation, Ethics, Instruments & procedures
Television 086: Public Relation & Managerial Customs
Television 087: Managing Depictions
Television 088: Communicational Assessment
Television 089: Site study in Public Relation & Business Interaction
Television 090: AV Production Pricing
Television 091: Creation of Programme in Motivated Circumstances, a variety of channels Door Darshan/satellite channel Target Rating Point & D.A.R.T., Duration gaps
Television 092: Prasar Bharati, AIR & Doordarshan

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