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CREATIONS, proposes to encompass all the aspects of designing in fashion, jewelry, interiors, media and animation. Ever since its inception has achieved excellence in the field of Education and Services.

CREATIONS has setup two divisions to gratify the needs of its clients, viz. :

* Education
* Services

The educational division of CREATIONS, will nourish and nurture those who have a passion for fashion. We work to convert the latent designers into potential designers. With the variety of courses offered here, we aim at developing every kind of art that would help our students become designers and conceptualizers, best suited to the industry.

The field of designing attempts to express as well as define the feelings and attitudes of the society that spawns it. As people's taste and approach changes, so do their perceptions of what is desirable. Thus, making the basic nature of Designing Industry dynamic and ever changing. Those who choose careers in designing, constructing or merchandising will find themselves working in an environment that is always fresh and full of new challenges and surprises.

At CREATIONS, we have attempted to cover every such element that would make a difference to our students and give them the required edge over other designers from their respective fields. Whether it is the practicality of the course structure, or the actual 'hands on', we have attempted to carefully sort every issue with commitment to the purpose. In order to