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Location Panjim
Duration 1 Day
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203, Prema Building, Rua de Ourem, Goa, India
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Starts On request
203, Prema Building, Rua de Ourem, Goa, India
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Photography is plausibly the world's best hobby and we will found great numbers of Photographers in this world. It is very hard to believe a family where at least one family member does not have a camera or has not appeared in a photograph. Picture being able to capture those images you have always wanted to take. Wouldn't it be great if you could get the best out of your camera and enjoy your photographic hobby to the full. Still with the importance of the video camera, nothing can compare to watching a picture that has captured forever a moment in time.

Was George Eastman, founder of Kodak, who first camera at a price that an increasing number of people who could pay. The transition in rules of technology from simple box Brownies to today's sophisticated 35 mm Single Lens Reflex camera is phenomenal.

However, even with these advances, the most significant factor behind a large table is YOU - the photographer.

Start improving your photography today with one of our CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY PRACTICAL PROGRAM, with a fundamental understanding of the rules of camera technology to each and every one can take full benefit of all that the art of photography has to offer.

People interested in Picture taking for all sorts of reasons. Some use a camera to complement another hobby. Others like to document the most important events of his life, like the birth of a kid, holidays and family functions such as party, marriage ceremony etc. Then there are people who take pictures merely as a means of showing their creativeness and personal vision of the globe, like painting artists and architects design wonderful buildings. This is right program for those who wish to make their career in Picture Capturing.

The technology that are available for photographers present day have modified considerably from those used ten years or so ago. Working camera savings, like Auto-Focus, and Multi-Pattern metering, have removed much of the mystique of the art the image of the person taking. Progresses in digital photography, in turn, means that the effects that once took hours to get out in the dark room are reached with an one click of a computer mouse.

While this training program is very necessary for photographers to know and operate, and advance technologies, we must not forget that these devices are just tools. Without the technical knowledge and art to see the image first, these electronic marvels are useless.

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