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In order to immortalize the memory of Seth Sir Chhaju Ram a great philanthropist and altruist of his time:- Chajju Ram Memorial Jat College was established in 1967. However, the seed of this institute had already been sown way back in 1926 in pre-independence era, when monumental building of Jat High School was got built by him in memory of his son, Adit Kumar. Later in 1926, another building for school hostel was added to it in memory of his another son, Ajit Kumar. Seth Chhaju Ram Ji (1865-1943) hailed from village Alakhpura in district Bhiwani. He had an inkling in those days that illiteracy was the cause of backwardness among ruralites. In order to eradicate this evil, he thought of disseminating education among the country people of the area by establishing this school at an estimated cost of Rs. 4 Lakh in those days. Seth Ji become riches by dint of his presence, forthright and benevolent nature. The school started imparting education upto matriculation, right from early thirties.

The credit for molding the concept of a school into a degree college can only be attributed to three late luminaries. They were founder President, late Ch. Suraj Mal Ji. General Secretary, Late Justice Davender Lamba and founder Principal, late Sh. S.S.Gill. Their contribution to the college has been an instance of rare devotion. Their tireless and continues effort were certainly of great help in meeting the challenges of the formative period of the college. It thus took shape of bloomed tr

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