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Cyber College


In the last one decade world has drastically changed computers, the world wide web, ipads, hybrid cars, debit cards, digital camera, satellite tv, laptops list goes on.

Look around & chances are you will see the world changing. Our world is also changing faster than ever moving so quickly that by the time we learn one thing/technology and start to implement it , it's already redundant.

Clubbed at with the sheer growth on the size of humanity resulting in phenomenal global competition for all kind of resources, limited resources. What used to be a sure shot path to success is worth much less today.

The way everything is changing do we even know what kind of education shall prepare our kids for an unknown future? Like everything else education, its purpose,its focus & relevance are all been relooked in question today.

These and many such questions prompted us to think & rethink..!!!

Global competition demands transforming current education.With the global economic climate getting more competitive, the demand for a skilled workforce is increasing, and new technology tools play an increasing role in learning.

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...Keylogger, Spyware, Malware Chapter 6 - Coding Virus using Bat language Chapter 7 - Google hacking Chapter 8 - Physical Security Chapter... Learn about: Ethical Hacking, Hacking Security, Information Security... More

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...5 million people already employed,1.6 million jobs to be created worldwide every year": Analytics. Suitable for: btech,mtech,bca,mca,bsc,msc,computer engineering... Learn about: Web Server, Web Programming, Using XML... More

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Teachers and trainers (2)

Ankit  sharma
Ankit sharma
information security analyst

Mr. Ankit holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in IT with 6 + years of experience and IT certifications like CCNA, CCNA (Security), MCSE and few others to name. His unique passion in Information Technology adds a plus point and makes cutting edge and latest technologies to be delivered to the Students. In his leisure hours, he likes to perform random research on networking arena and always come up with something useful...

Ram Pandey
Ram Pandey
Sr. Web Analyst

Mr. Ram is web application development Expert & Trainer with 3+ years of experience & achievement, his knowledge in web application development domain is unbeatable.Wide knowledge of web technologies like PHP,HTML,CSS,Joomla etc makes the application powerful on both ends, designing and functioning.His patience and development skills are the main facts for the successfully developed web applications that are being used by some big names today....


The mission of the cyber college is to develop the information security technology leaders needed to help strengthen the information community all over the world by improving the security of cyberspace. Cyber College seeks to prepare both the managers of information security groups and the technical leaders who direct security technology programs. Cyber College primary functional emphasis is instruction, but the Institute faculty and students will engage in research and public service programs.

We at cyber college imparting knowledge and encouraging development in the field of new emerging high end technologies. In Cyber College modules are designed for individuals and for the elite teams of technical security professionals who are part of the armed forces, Department of Defense, or other government agencies whose role includes securing systems, reconnaissance, counter-terrorism and counter hacks. These teams will be the cyber security special forces where each individual's role makes the team successful.

To promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

Advantages of studying here

Digital Learning makes lifelong learning possible. Along with an increased access to education, Digital Learning offers convenience, flexibility and affordability. The benefits of Digital Learning are innumerable; a few of them are enlisted below:

•Suitable for anyone and everyone

Students, Businessmen, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, House Wives and any other individual who wishes to pursue higher education while still continuing with what he is doing.

• Self-paced Learning

The maximum duration of all Programmes provides its students enough time to complete their programmes. This flexibility is specifically given, keeping in mind that the Digital Education students have other commitments too.

• No constraint of time and place

Digital Education allows flexibility to study any time of the day be it in the wee hours of the morning, or at late nights. Students may choose to study in the comfort of their homes, while traveling, while they are in the waiting area of a railway station or an airport, or any other place where they wish to.

• Multi-tasking opportunity

Digital Education provides multi tasking opportunity to students. Due to the flexibility and convenience, students have the option to perform all other tasks that they require or wish to, allowing them to fulfill their other responsibilities successfully.

• Dual Degree Option

Dual Degree means that a student can pursue another programme from any other University. This means that a student can pursue dual degrees and save his precious time.

• Age no bar

Age is no bar for anyone wishing to pursue a Digital Education Program.

• Increasing Compensation and Promotion potential

There is a high possibility of increase in compensation or of getting promoted, if one improves his qualification while he is working. Additional qualification gives an edge to an individual over his peers and colleagues.

Areas of specialisation

cyber security, web apps development, mobile apps development, ethical hacking, php MySQL, android development, cloud computing and many more new emerging technologies. for more info visit: